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Greetings To The Dawn

Greetings To The Dawn

By Aquarius

With each new dawn
Begin to look forward to the new day and
The whatever it is going to bring.
And in every experience that comes your way
Search for the teaching it contains.
As that is the essence of your earthly existence,
Greet it with love and do not begrudge anything.

Each day’s brief course is a moment in Eternity
That not only holds the truths and realities
Of everything that already exists,
But also the glory of new action, the joy of growing
And becoming an ever more perfect and beautiful being.

When you focus on today and the moment
You realise that it is always NOW
And yesterday is but a dream,
While tomorrow will always remain just a vision.

Each day that is lived with the consciousness
Of the purpose of our being here,
Looking for the good in all people and things,
Aware that they are coming our way
To fulfil a wise higher purpose,
Is a sound foundation for the renewal of our
Hope, faith and trust in the goodness of life.

This enables us to recognise that in truth
Every dawn we are allowed to see
Is a gift from the Universal Forces and a blessing.
Wise ones look forward with kindness to each one.
They greet it with an open heart and mind
And add their own blessings to it.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

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6 Sep, 2021
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1 min
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