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Grey Files #19 - 22

Grey Files #19 - 22

By martinflemingak

Grey Files #19 - 22
The Anchorage Tribune
Anchorage local, Thomas Gein, an IT consultant for the AMA (Anchorage Media Association) was arrested by government officials for allegedly hacking into government files within the last month. Gein apparently downloaded encrypted files from FBI and CIA databases regarding "extremely sensitive subjects". An FBI spokesman recently called the computer systems security "appalling" and that "the systems will need thorough protection and increased security" after this incident. It is unknown at this time what Gein downloaded or what his motive was doing so was. He is currently being held in Washington, D.C.

The Diary of Thomas Gein

28th April, 2000
They came again last night. The bright light descended upon my apartment at roughly 1:44am. Seconds later, it was 4:29am. My teeth hurt.

8th November, 2001
I went into the skies for the sixth time last night. The sixth time in twenty two years. People should know the truth.

9th November, 2001
I was followed today. Two men wearing black suits. They looked official. I know its government. They just gotta wait. They're databases aren't too secure.

11th May, 2002
Six long months. I finally did it. I'm backing up the copies on every flash drive I can find. Putting certain files onto some and others onto others. Over 4000 files. 4000 documents of complete proof. I give it a week before they catch me. But by that time, these files will be the hands of people who know what to do with them.

FBI Report - 12/29/02
Thomas Gein successfully downloaded 4162 encrypted files. He decrypted them within days. Through interrogation, thorough search, research and federal resources, we have located exactly 4158 files on USB flash disks belonging to Gein. Four files remains lost and Gein will not speak regarding where or who he sent to those files.

'Grey' File Number 00019 Date: 10/29/89

Subject - Interview All information contained herein is classified.
Interviewer 1: Alright, you here me alright in there?
Interviewer 2: Clear as a bell.
I1: Good. Now are you prepared to speak on the record about...what you believe happened to you on the night of October 7th?
RD: Y..yes.
I2: Ready when you are. Start at the beginning.
RD: On an old freeway, the name escapes me, just near the Alaskan border. My car stopped.
I1: Okay, then what?
RD: I went out, to lift the hood, you know? I thought I was screwed. That I was lost in the middle of goddamn nowhere. When the light came?
I2: What light?
RD: The light from the skies. It beamed down right upon me and lifted me up.
I1: Lifted you up how? Did something pull you up? Something mechanical?
RD: No. I don't know what it was. All I know is it lifted me up and I couldn't do anything.
I1: Where did you get lifted up to?
RD: I'm not sure. All I remember is a pair of dark round eyes staring at me. Then darkness. I woke up on a cold steel table with all my clothes off. Next thing, I could feel this pain in my stomach. I tried to look down but my head was too heavy.
I2: Was the pain around the area we found the small chip?
RD: Yeah.
I2: After all that. After the pain, what do you remember?
RD: Waking up in my car. My clothes were on strangely. My shirt buttons were not done properly and my trousers were back to front.
I1: Are you willing to be hypnotized under our supervision when we get a certain location?
RD: Is this the regret....hypnosis thing.
I2: Regression hypnosis, yes. It will allow you to remember more.
RD: Then yes.
I1: Good. I think we got enough here. We'll continue running the transcript when we get there.

'Grey' File Number 00020 Date: 06/04/92

Subject - Field Report All information contained herein
is classified.

On inspection of the crash site near Chicago, IL, I have discovered many things. Most of all that my fellow agents are extremely skeptical of such unusual matters and could not investigate this incident with an entirely open mind. I am a professional so I will not name any names; however I will say that some agents misunderstanding of the situation led to failure. I will criticize no further.
In my time investigating this 'aircraft' crash site, I found many people who share the strong belief that this craft is not of human origin and their is proof.
In the heart and surroundings of this area, I found numerous fragments of a strange metal and took it upon myself to have them tested. The FBI field office in Chicago found it "impossible to identify" the material and claimed that the substance was unknown.
It would also appear that the body found in the crash site has now been removed by powers higher than the Bureau.
People do not want this alien matter to make its way into the public knowledge.

'Grey' File Number 00021 Date: 01/08/96

Subject - Interview All information contained herein is classified.

I1: Okay, Mr. R*****, I apologise my partner could not be here with me to conduct this interview.
CR: It's okay.
I1: Now, the purpose of our time together is for you to tell me in detail what happened to you on the night of the 22nd.
CR: Okay.
I1: I'd appreciate if you didn't hold back.
CR: What do you mean?
I1: Well, no matter how outlandish your claim may seem, tell me. I have seen things I couldn't describe.
CR: Okay.
I1: Please.
CR: Well, that weekend I was driving up to my girlfriend's parent's cabin.
I1: And where is that cabin exactly?
CR: Just north of Cheyenne.
I1: Okay and this incident occurred while you were driving up there?
CR: Yes. I was about two hours away when my car died. I thought it was the battery or something. When I got out to check...
I1: Yes?
CR: All I remember was a flash of light and a strange sound then I blacked out.
I1: Then what?
CR: Then I saw them.
I1: You're obviously referring to...
CR: Yes, you know what I'm referring to. Their was about five of them. They gathered around me. They had lay me naked in a circular grate prodding at me. They spoke to each other but I couldn't hear them.
I1: What did they look like?
CR: Grey. Thin. They...
I1: What did they do to you?
CR: I heard a strange whirring sound. I don't know what it was or where it came from. All I could feel was the strange sensation in my stomach. I don't know what they did. It felt like I was there for hours while they prodded me.
I1: What happened after the sounds and prodding?
CR: They remained staring at me. One of them approached me closer and looked me in the eyes. That's the last thing I remember before waking up on the road outside my car.
I1: In similar cases, when the person wakes, they find their clothes on backwards or inside out. Did this happen with you?
CR: Not to my recollection. I don't think so.
I1: Okay. How long was it after that that you had the incident with the metal detector?
CR: Around a month later. The guard scanned over my neck and it was there. At the base.
I1: Thank you Mr. R*****. That will be all for now.

'Grey' File Number 00022 Date: 09/15/99

Subject - Field Report All information contained herein is classified.

In the course of the last few weeks, I have been investigating numerous abduction accounts around two specific areas; Cheyenne, WY and Anchorage, AK. Any agents who have worked on the same files I have know of the cases regarding these two locations and what was happened there within the last fifteen years. While in Cheyenne, I discovered nothing new. While in Anchorage, I discovered nothing new, or so I thought. Two nights ago, I took a drive through a suburban area of northern Anchorage heading to a highway which was known to be a supposed crash site many years ago. While on this journey, I fell asleep at the wheel. I awoke in a daze hours later.
Two days later, in Anchorage International Airport, I went through a metal detector. My gun, my keys or any change I had was not on me. When the guard ran his handheld detector over me, an area of my neck raised suspicion. My fellow agents of these files know what this means.
It is with this field report I tender my resignation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I am going to find the truth.

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