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By littlemermaid22

May. The end of the year was finally coming. I walk through the crowded halls as the jocks and cheerleaders call to one another, " Hey what are you doing over the summer?" Nothing, dumbass I would yell back in my mind, Now shut up and try not the make the rest of us deaf while you go and whore yourselves off like trading cards. Your  not a chess piece, you're an actual person. I hate  the way they acted. Stuck-up, rich brats is what they acted like. And that's exactly what they were. One cheerleader in specific would buy her skirts two sizes two small, and her shirts would fit toddlers. Maybe she just liked the rumours that stain her reputation of little miss goody two shoes. Yeah right I thought, as if she could be good at all. Flashing off her boobs to any guy who asked, wearing shorts that showed half her butt cheeck. Gross. And the only guy I ever liked was always attached to her, fricking leeching off her, like she was his life source. Maybe she was, maybe he liked that sexy look. Me a book loving, modest, honest, non-popular, nerd could NEVER be sexy like that. Not even if I actually exercised. But that's okay, I'm fine with being single, all I need are my boo- someone walked into me and landed on me. They smelled fruity, almost like watermelon, and they had a small frame, and long blond and brown hair. I felt little hands pushing off my breasts as they looked me in the eyes... Tatiana. Her cleavage pushed up through the collar of her shirt, that showed her diamond belly button ring, and the grotesquely large nose ring that threatened to sag her precious nose. Her excessively masked face, made her look almost plastic- "What the hell?" She demanded, "Why the fucking hell did you walk into me?" I got onto my feet, dusted off my back and retorted, "Does swearing in every sentence make you feel better about yourself, dumbass?" She gave me a oh-no-you-didn't look, and I gave her a look right back that said, oh-yes-I-did. "Boys." She snapped her fingers and immediately and obediently, they picked me and my things up effortlessly and tossed me into oncoming traffic. Wow, how kind of you Tati, you couldn't even say any thing back. Had to order you guard dogs to do it for you. You little slut. I started walking home, glad to get away from this foul place. I walked past an ancient tree, when eerie whispers called to me, and and screams of despair mixed with the rattling wind. My mind immediately went to scary movies, and every time the idiots ask, "Hello? Who's there?" The fricking morons never know what hits them. Every single time. While keeping that in mind I creep down the road to the base of the old oak, where the whispers emanate, and I am lost in the sound. 
"Who's this?"
"Is it her?"
"The one who listens? The one who-"
"SHHH!! She hears us."
Silence rang through the air, the noiselessness seemed louder than when the harsh whispers were talking beforehand. "Yes, I am." I said tentatively, talking in a normal toned voice felt like a crime for betraying the quietness. "Good child, good" said what seemed like an elderly woman's voice. Then all the voices burst out at once some still whispering others yelling but they all said the same thing:
Hangtree, hangtree used for good, used for bad. Justice, escape, sometimes revenge. But all the same, hangtree. It drinks blood like water, feeds off the despair, be sad, be sad. Join us, come closer, be the hangtree. Be a hanger in the hangtree. Every leaf, and every branch is forged from the souls of the hanged. Be a part of the tree. 
The words rang, and echoed in my mind. Hang. Tree. Hanging tree. 

Author Notes: Hope you liked it.

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20 Nov, 2015
Read Time
3 mins
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