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Hansel & Grettle Are the Bad Guys
Hansel & Grettle Are the Bad Guys

Hansel & Grettle Are the Bad Guys

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Chief Gustav paced around his office. He had studied the evidence of the supposed murder of Hansel and Grettle. He had read each report at least twice. Now it was up to him to find if the witch was innocent. Gustav sighed and sat down at his desk. He picked up one of his detective's reports. All signs pointed to the witch being guilty, but was she? He saw Mr. Wensley's testimony out of the corner of his eye and picked it up. Mr. Wensley was the housekeeper of the children's home and had witnessed the crime. Gustav picked up the testimony and read it for the fifth time:

"I, as the only other witness, can testify that Mrs. Witch is innocent of the crime. I am Mr. Wensley, and my job was to take care of the little brats...I mean children. Hansel and Grettel were two children without a mother to control them. They would always destroy their father's things, which he had worked long and hard to pay for. I was the only reason the house was not completely destroyed. While their father was gone at work, they would spend all their time abusing me. I have scars to prove it! Let me tell you what happened, it all started when I went to take them on a walk in the woods.

It was about three in the afternoon, and probably the hottest day of my life. I swear I was going to die of heat. Hansel and Grettle had just knocked over their dead mother's earn, scattering her ashes everywhere. I was fuming; to calm down I took the kids for a walk into the woods. They were compliant at first, but then they started to knock over small trees, break branches off others, and they even started to throw rocks at the animals.

They turned it into a game; the animal's legs were two points, the body one, and the head three. One of Hansel's rocks hit a beautiful white duck on the head, killing it instantly; he now had five points and Grettle had two. I grabbed both children by the arm and told them they needed to stop or be arrested for vandalizing. Suddenly, both kids lashed out kicking me in the stomach. I released my grip on their arms; they pushed me into a ditch, running away as fast as their little legs could carry them.

I made my way out of the ditch, running after them. I found them destroying Mrs. Witch's Property, eating her tree and her house. When she let them into her house, I snuck to the window and saw them eating all her cookies. Some might think it was suspicious that she brought them into the house, but I think not. That was the only way she could stop them from destroying her house. The cookies they ate were supposed to be used to repair damage to the house and was the only thing she could spare.

Then she stuck Hansel in the cage and started the fire, boiling water in an oversized pot for later, you see, it was not meant to be to cook the children, it was meant to be used to repair her house. She fed Hansel the broken unusable pieces of her house because that was what she thought he wanted. When she let him out, he ran around screaming and dove into the pot. All signs point to suicide. It's sad but true. Gretel went to try to save him and fell in the pot. Both I and Mrs. Witch went to save them, but it was too late.

Now, to explain why she ate them. Food was scarce and she was deathly allergic to gluten and sugar; that is why she made her house out of those items, why waste a plentiful resource? The only thing she could eat was wood, and that barely kept her alive. She probably would have soon died of starvation if she had not eaten them. Eating them was the only way to keep Mrs. Witch alive. I plead with you, Mrs. Witch is innocent.

-Mr. Wensley the housekeeper"

Gustav had interviewed Mr. Wensley and he seemed to be an honest fellow. Gustav sighed again and made a decision. The witch was innocent, and she would do one year of community service for eating the children. She would be given a wooden house and would be provided food to keep her healthy. The Police Department of Forenville would do everything in their power to prevent another incident like this one.


Author Notes: I was the only one in my class who thought the witch was innocent.

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12 Feb, 2020
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