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By Dollores - 1 Review

"I might walk with a limp. I might never feel complete. I might love the ones I love in the most unexpected ways, all because of my faulty deformed heart. But at least I blocked away the beasts." -Hazza.

A little sensitive boy was Hazza. Extremely emotional, his feelings replics of seastorms that drowned the best of the best captains, and wrecked the most majestic ships.

He was frail, both outside and inside.

Fog, if a little bit more than what was pleasant, was able to trigger defects within his fragile soul.

Shadows, if a bit darker than his round perfect pupils, could set him expecting monsters underneath his little bed.

It was only his sea-green blanket that could ease his tensions.

And he wrapped it around himself. Soft. Comfy. Warm. Safe. Protective, somewhat in someway.

Not long passed before our little Haz grew to be too big for his sea-green blanket, and unshielded he became.

So he started building walls. Practically two walls along two sides of the hexagon he stood on.

Hazza worked hard to understand the right mechanisms to block the black that washed in, covering his ankles thick and sticky.

He had the will to block the chaos. But aware was he not to what his hands were making.

Although he feared their crumbling down, the walls stood firm. But something was missing.

He still felt insecure. Unprotected.

The only solution was, a wise man said, to bring down what was constructed in first place. "Young boy, you're only free when you free yourself of these barricades built around you."

'Would I bring it down? After trying so hard to keep the darkness away? Would I face it again?' our Hazza thought.

As much as he wanted to reopen that blocked side of his life he couldn't.

He couldn't bring the walls down. That would take him another lifetime to achieve.It would take him a couple hearts full of will and light as well.

It wasn't easy for him to just leave it that way. To pretend that that part of his life doesn't exist.

It is like living with an amputated limb that was never really amputated in first place.

It's like trying to fall asleep when you just woke up.

Convincing yourself that you're whole while you know, for a fact, that a part of you lays there behind the concrete you've built. That's what it is.

Hazza never brought the walls down. He choose to turn away and walk the four other paths that were left.

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11 Aug, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
3.0 (1 review)

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