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Healing Miracles
Healing Miracles

Healing Miracles


These are the days of miracle and wonder because for quite some time a healing miracle of truly gigantic and Cosmic proportions has been unfolding in our world and that is the rebirth of humankind into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and its own. The closer we work together with God and the Angels, the easier it will be for them to work the many miracles and wonders that are necessary for the completion of this enterprise. To paraphrase the message the Universal Christ brought us through St. John 14:11-12:

‘Believe in the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and Me, their only born Son/Daughter. We are one and everything in the whole of Creation is our work. Truly, truly I say to you: those who know that this is the truth shall do the same works as we are doing, or rather we will be done through them. And even greater than these things each one of you in the fullness of time will do, because you are part of us and we are part of you. All of you are expected to make their contribution to the greatest healing miracle of all times and whatever any one of you asks in our name from a sincere and loving heart, rest assured that it will be done.’

Being aware of this promise, wise ones, whenever they feel their soul crying out to them through some kind of physical ailment, reach out for the helping hands of their Highest or God Self and the Angels. All of us can send spiritual healing to anyone anywhere in our world, but it stands to reason that it finds its way to us much easier when it has been asked for. If someone is too ill to do this, it can be done by someone else on their behalf. Yet, the effects of the Universal healing energies are even more powerful when they are invited in and made welcome. Knowing about these things is empowering beyond measure. Taking charge of ourselves and our destiny enables us to make conscious decisions like not wishing to be a helpless victim of conventional medicine and of life in general.

What a lot of wisdom there is in so many of our old sayings! It’s amazing how much guidance can be found in them. One of my favourites is ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ That’s so very true! The law of the Universe provides that assistance can only come to those who are ready to do the first step by asking for assistance with their healing process. To the wise ones in the background of life it signals that at long last we are willing to get to work on resolving the outstanding issues that are the underlying cause of our physical body’s complaint. That’s the most vital part of any healing experience. Nothing can heal on the outer level of live that has not first been healed within.

As everybody’s inner healing abilities are unlimited, whenever you or a loved one become seriously ill, never give up. If you yourself are in need of healing, ask for it, then step back from yourself and trust that it will come. Should you be trying to help someone else, if at all possible, tell them what you have in mind and point out that it would increase the power of the healing energies if they themselves asked for them and invited them in. Besides, investigate as many natural healing methods as possible and try those that appeal to you.

To my mind, conventional medicine has its place, but it should only be used as a temporary walking stick, which one small step after another can be discarded when the healing process takes over and we slowly recover. And whatever learning we gather along the way, any fresh insights into our illness and the wisdom gained from it is later meant to be shared with those who are still affected by it.

Miracles are happening at all times, but whether our physical condition is going to be healed in our present lifetime depends on the Karma we have brought with us into our present lifetime. If an illness is meant to teach us some particularly valuable lessons, then it represents a cross that cannot be taken from us until our lessons have been learned and through it our Karma redeemed. It happens many times that, when healing has been asked for, it does take place in the patient’s spirit and soul, without manifesting itself in their physical body. If that is the case with one of your loved ones, rest assured that healing is coming to them, even though there are no outer signs of improvement. Trust the wise and just outcome of everything and give them all the loving support you are capable of, but try not to clutch them to you too much.

Not giving up hope does not mean that we should cling onto anyone like grim death. Knowing from first hand experience that healing does take place each time it has been asked for, wise ones place their request and then leave the matter into the hands of God and the Angels. Each time the moment has come for a loved one to leave their physical body behind, knowing that through their suffering they have balanced their spiritual bankbook, we can let them go in peace. Never forget that even if someone is on the threshold of death, healing will be received and do its work by easing their soul’s passage into the world of spirit.

The moment of departure eventually comes for each one of us, be it at age five days or a hundred years. In spite of anyone’s attempts at prolonging the span of their earthly existence, as soon as the purpose of our present lifetime has been fulfilled, our release comes and the Angel of death takes us home. The more one grasps that truly there is no death, the more it becomes possible to peacefully and easily let go when the moment of departure for anyone, including our own, has finally come. At all times, not merely in moments of saying goodbye, it’s comforting to know that love is eternal and that the world of light is an integral part of our world. The love we have for each other cannot be taken from us by any power between Heaven and Earth. It can only die if we allow it to.

All of life is flowingness
And in this flowing
There is meaning and law.
I cannot lose what is my own.
I need not seek what is my own,
For what belongs to me will come.
Whatever goes does not belong to me.
Only what I am has power.

I now give up all personal struggle and ambition,
So that all that is rightfully mine can be drawn to me.
I now let go and trust my Highest Self and the Universe,
To run my life for me and to show me the way in all things.


* * *

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2 Dec, 2019
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