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Heart Racing Part 2

Heart Racing Part 2

By MrsE1234 - 1 Review

"Get up lace, we will be late" James yelled from the kitchen. I rolled over and saw the time on my phone, 10am. I jumped up and went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. It took me an unusually long time to pick an outfit, considering I would be changing into my race suite pretty soon, in the end I went with denim shorts and my sponsor polo with my hair straight and down, I even put on some make up.
"Why so fancy?" James asked when I left the bathroom. I wasn't a girl who typically wore make up day to day.
"Is it too much?" I asked, thinking I looked stupid.
"You look beautiful" he replied "and that worries me with all those teen boys hanging around" we both laughed.

We ate breakfast and AJ came to our room and walked with us to the garages. Our next practice was at one o'clock but all I could think about was seeing Dylan. My heart raced as we walked into the garage and I caught a glimpse of him leaving over the engine of his car. It was hot already and he had his shirt off, he was covered in sweat and grease. He was talking to another boy around our age and he didn't sound happy. I couldn't help but think how silly it was to have feelings for someone who is my competition.
"Alright lace" AJ said, snapping me from my thought " today we want to push her much harder than yesterday, you ok with that?"
"Have you met me AJ?" I said and AJ laughed.
"This new competitor is going to be a challenge." He told me.
"You mean Dylan" I said without thinking. "So you guys met then? He has come from a smaller racing division but is here to prove he is ready for the big time" AJ explained.
"Yer we met briefly" I quickly changed the subject, it was obvious I shouldn't be thinking about him. "I'm going to get changed, 20 minutes to go" I said pointing to the countdown.

I went into the change room and pulled the door closed. I had my legs in the race suit when Dylan opened the door without knocking. His cheeks flushed red as I pulled my arms up over my chest. He turned away quickly "sorry" he said and closed the door.
"I'm sorry, I should have locked the door" I called to him.
"Yer that's probably a good idea" he said quietly.
"Is everything ok?" I asked through the door.
"Yer, I'm not really happy with.." he stopped, "I probably shouldn't be talking to the competition about that" he said as I opened the door fully changed.
"Probably not" I sighed "all yours" I said and motioned towards the change room as I headed back to the garage to hop in the car.
"Good luck today" he called.
I smiled, "you too"

Practice was good, I put forward my best lap times ever at this circuit but Dylan was slightly faster. I was going to need to step it up to qualify first. I left the garage to get some sleep before qualifying in two hours. Clearly staying up all night and chatting wasn't the best idea.
"Are you busy right now?" Dylan called from a few steps behind me.
"Just going to get some sleep" I replied.
"Come with me, I want to show you something" he said, I turned to follow him.
I'm sure James would hate that I was spending time with another driver but I can't think of a good reason not to go.
I followed Dylan away from the racetrack into the forest until we got to a tree that forked half way up. The tree had prices of wood nailed to it, they formed a ladder.
"Ladies first" Dylan insisted.
I started to climb the ladder and suddenly regretted the denim shorts decision this morning. I climbed up to the fork and waited for Dylan.
"Go right" he called for just below me.
I climbed to the right until I found a platform. I climbed up and waited for Dylan there. He climbed up next to me.
"Stand up" he said, so I did. "Look right there" he said pointing towards the track and pulling a branch out of the way. It was breath taking. I could see the entire racetrack from here. Every corner, every straight, even the garages.
"Wow, how did you find this place?" I asked.
"I travel to these things without any family, so I like to explore" he said, he seemed younger when he said that, maybe even sad.
"My mum doesn't come anymore either" I said "I'm lucky I have my brother here"
"Very" he said, looking into my eyes and taking a step closer to me.
"I'm sorry about the change rooms before, I'm used to James standing in front of the door and forget he stays in the garage now, I'm so embarrassed" I said and his cheeks flushed again.
"Don't be embarrassed, you're beautiful, and smart, and a kickarse driver" he said and I blushed.
My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty. He reached out and laced his fingers with mine, he moved a strand of hair from my face and left his hand lingering on my face. Then he leaned in and kissed me. It was electric and amazing.

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5 Mar, 2017
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