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My heart is lonely

Though it feels like like a gaping hole

I wish for everything I can’t have...if only

Filled to the brim with ashes and coal

In the dead of the night

Nobody is hearing my cries

Nothing feels right

Everybody’s moving on, driving by

I feel stuck in place

My heart is six feet under

Tears running down my face

I look down at my grave, seemingly asunder

I watch my house burn

The match still in between my fingertips

I guess I’ll never learn

That only lies come from his lips

Coming out of the fire

Don’t want to hear his bittersweet voice

I watch him conspire

Why did I pick him? What a choice.

He plays by his own rules.

I thought I could change him,

Why did I fall so hard? I’m such a fool

He filled with poison to the brim

He leaves a trail of broken hearts

And what I have in my chest became part of his collection

Where did he learn these things? Where did he start?

He was a disease, and infection

Stringing up empty banners

Who was I again? He put my heart on a dusty shelf

He never had manners

He was never good, but he made me find myself

He was a drug, a relief

But he was so beautiful, something to be worshipped

But now, brown eyes are filled with grief

I lost his hand in the crowd and slipped

The blood are on his hands

The remaining pieces of me, ripped

No one would understand

Broken souls, chipped.

He breaks small fragile hearts,

But it takes one to break one.

Moves on, and he’s gone, he departs

Playing with people’s mind, he does it for fun

He was a broken boy

I rarely found those, very few

He found nothing again, nothing to enjoy

But he broke me too.

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7 Mar, 2020
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1 min
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