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Homesickness Of The Soul
Homesickness Of The Soul

Homesickness Of The Soul

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Homesickness Of The Soul

The light of the Christ Star is now breaking ever more forcefully through the mists of consciousness that for so long have clouded the vision of God’s children of the Earth. Pouring its blessings into the heart and soul of all humankind, it also heals all other lifeforms it touches. The Christ light is an integral part of every human soul that at present brings its message of renewal of hope, faith and trust for us and our world. When we worship this light, it shines in us and beautifies everything we come into contact with. We can call upon it when we feel down and weary, asking for its Divine strength to flood our whole being until every bit of our deepest and darkest fears and anxieties have been dissolved.

Keeping our inner vision firmly focussed on the Christ Star maintains the constant conscious contact with our Highest or God Self, the living Christ within. This, our eternal and immortal self, has been waiting for a long time to guide and protect every one of our words, thoughts and actions, so that the blessings of the Heavenly life can pour into us and our world. To attune our own superconscious faculties to the Universal ones, our conscious mind has to be trained in the art of thinking positive, constructive and loving thoughts only.

The more we practise this the easier our subconscious adjusts itself to our new ways of thinking and behaving. The conscious effort to conduct all relationships in a spirit of total and unconditional acceptance, tolerance and love, unfolds human heart chakras like roses whose loving emanations flow like a scent into the consciousness of our whole race and world. By constantly striving to live in harmony with God and all life in every thought, word and action, slowly but surely our subconscious mind unites itself with the superconscious mind of the Highest and becomes one with it.

Deeply imprinted in the very core of their being all human souls carry the memory of their true home and the state of oneness with God. Deep down we all remember God’s true nature and our relationship with our Father/Mother Creator. The Garden of Eden is a symbol of this state of oneness and the perfect and beautiful world where everything lives together peacefully and harmoniously from which our descent into physicality once began. The Universal laws ensure that one fine day we shall return to it. And whenever the going gets tough on the Earth plane, our soul reminds us of the existence of this perfect world and starts yearning and craving for it.

The memory of this world is every soul’s most precious possession. It is the beacon of light – light spiritually means knowledge – that guides us back into the conscious reunion with our true parents. This can only happen at the end of a vast evolutionary cycle that takes all souls time and again round the zodiac. This enables us to take part in the lessons of each sign and house until we have fully understood each one. In this process our soul steadily matures until it reaches the point when our Highest Self, with all its might, pulls us back into our source’s loving embrace.

If you are familiar with my ‘War And Peace Among Nations’, you will know that I was born in Germany, where I spent the first twenty-eight years of my life. In 1965 I got married and moved to the United Kingdom. It took me twenty-five years, believe it or not, to completely overcome my homesickness for the old country and make my peace with my adopted one by taking British nationality. When it comes to discussing homesickness, I must be among its world champions. The English language appropriately calls this longing for home and the past a sickness. For me it was like a debilitating illness that was trying to eat me up alive, without me having any idea of what the cause of my troubles was. All I knew was that I could not settle because something was gnawing away at me like a cancer.

With hindsight it is easy to see that such a destructively strong longing could never have been for my mother, early home and country of my present lifetime. When I discovered that they could no longer offer me anything, it still took me a long time until it finally dawned on me that in truth my longing was of quite a different kind. It made no difference that my new home in many ways was a big improvement on what I had left behind. My wishes for a home and a family of my own had been fulfilled, but in spite of this it took many years before I finally recognised the true nature of my yearning. It was the homesickness every human soul carries within for its true home and its true parents who can never be found in the world around us because they dwell on the highest and innermost level of life.

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10 Jan, 2019
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