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a homeward burning
a homeward burning

a homeward burning

Sentimental_creature♥ ᵍ๏вℓ𝓲ℕ ♥
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he stood over the casket, grasping the sides and shaking. he felt a hand rest on his shoulder, but he ignored it.

”i don’t understand,” he said, hot tears running down his face, “we were so happy. why did he leave?” he mother stood behind him and squeezed his shoulder. he clenched his fists. “it’s not fair! why is he gone? and not me?!”

”evan, it’s time to go home.”

”no. i have to stay. oh, why weren’t you happy, kacey?...”

”oh honey, he was happy,” evan’s mother said wearily. ee flinched.

”what do you mean?” evan asked, a small flicker of flames relighting in his eye.

”he was murdered..” his mother began crying, walking off to the car.


the fire grew bigger.

”it was a hit and run. nobody saw who it was, all they saw was a blue car,” his father chimed in, consoling evan's mother.

the fire burned with the anger and desire to make peace with a lost soul.

”i will see who it was. i will make them pay.

i have been trying for over a year.

my fire will always burn.

Author Notes: why did you read this? ;-;

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5 Sep, 2019
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