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Horror Shorts #3
Horror Shorts #3

Horror Shorts #3


I live alone, but I can hear someone's breath in the room.

My friend and I love to explore abandoned houses in the woods. That is until the day we saw a corpse hanging in an attic.

I awoke in the night to hear tapping on the floorboards. It came from underneath the bed.

The babysitter went upstairs to check on the sleeping toddler. She saw a man smiling through the second floor window.

He knew the intruder was in the house, so he picked up the home phone reciever. "Don't turn around" it said on the other end.

"Kyle, stop pulling the blanket" the younger brother said awakening. He saw that Kyle was on the opposite side of the room.

She turned the light on and sat alone on her bed after a long day at work. She heard the lightswitch flick off.

"No, don't do it," my sister said, "if you do Mother will get mad". Through the night I could hear screaming from the locked freezer.

We were running as fast as we could, but I looked behind to see my best friend scream for me while being dragged away.

"Who was that you were waving to dear" his mom asked. He said, "that old man who lives in the house next-door". She responds, "no one lives there."

I don't like to sit in a room with a person in a coma. I can hear entities trying to enter into their soul.

It was late at night and I decided to call it, but the phone rang.
"Hello" I said as I answered an 'unkown caller'.
I immediately hung up in the silence with confusion, "that was weird"
The phone rang again. 'Unknown Caller' and I picked it up.
"Two..." and the person hung up.
I got tense and auto locked all the doors and windows from Alexa thinking it's some kind of sick joke.
Laying in bed, I try to shake it, but the phone rang again. This time, no I.D.
"Hello" I said.
"One..." the person said and that was it.
A few minutes passed by. There was nothing and I started to doze.
As I awoke, I heard Alexa speak. "Okay, disarming all security systems."

Author Notes: Sanity is just an illusion.

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About This Story
11 Jan, 2021
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1 min
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