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How I See The World

How I See The World

By TheForgotten - 2 Reviews

I once heard the song lyrics "How can I ever love anybody if I don't like myself?" I believe the same applies with the world around us. We can never love anything in life if we can't appreciate the small things.

To be honest a lot of things in life are now corrupt, mostly people. The people around us cheat, steal, lie, and worst of all back stab. The majority of people make people like me scared to ever get close to someone. It's devastating to see young sixth graders plotting to destroy each other, it's even more heart breaking to watch them do it.

The world is a very cruel place, which can and will chew up and spit out everything that is too weak to run away from it. Although often times the monster is hidden behind a friendly mask. There are a puny amount of people left who actually care about more than just themselves, but the population decreases each day because the disease we call corruption is contagious. And if you're not careful you'll catch it too.

I guess everyone is right when they say good guys finish last. Because they do don't they? They're the only ones who see that what the other people are doing is wrong, but there's so few of them that they can do nothing but watch the dust as the frauds and the crooks fade into the sunset, leaving them behind to clean up their mess.

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25 Mar, 2016
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