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Human Life Is Infinite And Eternal
Human Life Is Infinite And Eternal

Human Life Is Infinite And Eternal


Do Not Fear The Unknown – Part Five

Human Life Is Infinite And Eternal

The following is the essence of two teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one appeared in ‘Morning Light – Neither Death nor Separation’: ‘You are a beloved creature of light, a many faceted jewel and the essence of your being is infinite and eternal. There has never been or will be a time when you were not. But even if you are already aware of these things, you still cannot help asking yourself from time to time: ‘Don’t I have the right to get tired of endless rounds of incarnations, when earthly life is so difficult and burdensome?’

‘That is the very reason why your days in physicality are limited and each incarnation lasts only for a comparatively short time. Even if you should be around for a hundred years or more, in terms of Eternity, God’s time, it represents the mere batting of an eyelid. This is also why, at the end of each lifetime, you leave your physical body behind like an outworn garment. For a period of rest and recuperation your spirit/soul joins us in our world, your true home, from which you emerge at the beginning of each new lifetime.

‘In your daily lives you do not mind moving from one house to another, when the time for a change has come. You may still love your old home, but when you have had enough of it, you say good-bye to it and move on. In just the same way, in the course of every one of your earthly sojourns you eventually reach the point when you have become weary and tired of your physical body, especially when it has grown old and you are almost constantly in pain. You have dealt with that part of your development and are ready for the next stage. That’s why God and the Angels eventually remove you from the old one.

‘When you have arrived here, you will be amazed about the kind of freedom and the ease of movement you have in our world. Your spirit/soul intensely enjoy its happiness that truly is a world apart from the limitations and boundaries of your earthly existence. But still in the end, you reach a point when you have rested sufficiently and the lessons of your most recent earthly existence have been assimilated. Your interest in a further incarnation that will help you to progress on the evolutionary spiral of life in you quickens. That’s the signal that for you the time has come to apply for another lifetime on the Earth.’

The second teaching is from ‘The Source of All Our Strength – No Death’: ‘Death is by no means the dark vale it was made out to be by your world’s religions of the past. It is but a passage that takes you forward to be re-introduced to our world of beauty and light. At the moment of your passing, you will not know when you are taking your last earthly breath. For a short while you are unconscious, but then you begin to feel much lighter and realise you are free! You may be asking yourself: ‘Lo, what’s happened to me? Why was I so afraid when people were talking about death? There really is nothing to fear. It’s like going to sleep that leads to an awakening into a more radiant and harmonious existence that soon makes you forget earthly life.’

‘All of you are eternal beings of light and as you are today, so you will be tomorrow and forever. With the help of your thought processes you can consciously recreate yourself by filling your whole being with ever more spiritual atoms. This prepares you for fully enjoying that which is waiting to be explored by you, as soon as your earthly education is complete and your energies are right for moving on to explore the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

‘The spirit realm is by no means geographically distant from your world. It is part of and within you, the inner layer of everybody’s own consciousness. And the light of the higher worlds can only be reached by those who are conducting their lives on the frequency of love and who freely and willingly surrender themselves to the will and wishes of God and the Angels. What in Earth terms is known as death is but an initiation into our world for your spirit/soul. Without losing your identity of earthly life, you then move into an ever increasing consciousness of God’s eternal light.’

Going home, going home – we’re all going home.
Quiet like, some still day – we’re all going home.

It’s not far, just close by, through an open door.
Work all done, care laid by – fear and hurt no more.

Mother’s there, expecting us – Father’s waiting too.
Angel folks are gathered with guides and friends we know –
Guides and friends we know.

Morning Star lights the way – Earth-bound dreams all done.
Shadows gone – break of day – real life’s just begun.
There’s no break, there’s no end – just a moving on.
Wide awake, with a smile – going on and on.

Going home, going home – we’re all going home.
It’s not far, just close by – through an open door.
Going home, going home, I’m just going home.

Though I have gone before you,
I did not do so alone and neither will you,
When your time for saying goodbye to the Earth plane has come.
God and the Angels are forever with us,
Keeping you and me safe.
No matter where we may ever find ourselves,
We shall always rest securely in God’s loving hands.

William Arms Fisher
Edited by Aquarius
Sung to the well known tune from
Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’

‘God bless all of you and keep you safe, always.’

* * *

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30 Aug, 2019
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4 mins
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