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Humankind’s Ascent From Darkness
Humankind’s Ascent From Darkness

Humankind’s Ascent From Darkness


Part One

Ever more of you by now are aware that the Divine Trinity has always consisted of the Great Father/Mother and Me, the spirit of the Universal Christ. My light is the Light of all lights, the Star of all stars, the Sun of all suns, and the Sun behind and beyond the Sun in the sky above your world. For quite some time we, the Divine Trinity, have been communicating direct with you and your world. With the help of My light, everything that exists in the whole of Creation was brought about by us in peaceful and harmonious co-operation. The three aspects of the Divine cannot be separated from each other because they are one and function as one. As My light is most easily distinguished from humankind’s earthly perspective, I am speaking as their voice.

The expression that I am their only born Son/Daughter is not really correct, because the Divine aspect that earthly eyes can see are manifestations of the Great Mother. They were created through Her, from My light, by the Father. He is the spirit behind and within everything, who will always be hidden from your view. You can know about His presence, even though you cannot see Him, but you can understand the importance of His role in the creative process. And that’s the difference understanding makes. Spiritually, knowledge and understanding it is light and the lack of it is darkness. As Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, one of your world’s most eminent scientists, once said: Any fool can know. Understanding is another matter.’

Today I would like to tell you that the first human appearance on the earthly plane was by no means a fall from grace. It has been a descent into matter, but it came about in a different manner from what the religions of your world are telling you about this event. Humankind’s existence, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, has been and forever will consist of an ascent on the evolutionary spiral of life. It is a journey that has always started with taking every new human spirit/soul from experiencing its crude and unevolved earthly personality, as an almost purely earthly being in a material world. Lifetime after lifetime each spirit/soul constantly moves forwards and upwards until, at the end of its earthly education, it has evolved into a Christed one in its own right. Its studies continue with exploring and being part of ever higher levels of life.

In the beginning the Great Father had an idea of God-like creatures, who one day – many millions of years ahead, in earthly time – would be walking the Earth as its guardians and keepers. When the right time for it had come, there would be a group of people who were sufficiently evolved who, hand in hand with the Angels and Me, would then be transforming their planet into one of healing and peace. These energies will be radiating into the whole of Creation and flow to wherever they are required. A special need for it exists on young planets and their equally inexperienced human inhabitants, who are still walking in the darkness of being unaware of the higher purpose of their existence. The light of the healing energies will not only increase the strength of their Divine spark and assist the awakening of everybody’s own Christ nature, the general spiritual progress of that planet and all its inhabitants, not merely human ones, will also benefit.

But let’s return to the beginning. To make all of this possible, one of my sparks was planted in the heart of an animal species whose evolutionary journey had carefully prepared it for this very special task. From the moment the first one of the creatures containing the spark had appeared, it – and all those who followed – was naturally included in constantly being drawn, by My light, forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral, the same as the rest of the whole of Creation and everything that exists within it. That’s how all manifestations of life come ever closer to Me and into My loving embrace.

Every lifetime the newly born spirit/soul spark spends on the earthly plane increases its own light and also that of the Earth, and that in two ways. Gradually, each spark literally absorbs more of My light and grows in strength. At the same time, through its own experiences, its lower earthly counterpart grows in wisdom and understanding of its own nature and its environment. That’s how, lifetime after lifetime, My light has always been drawing all manifestations of life and your whole world towards Me. As, with the passing of time, each spark’s light increases the Great Father’s idea of God-like human beings becomes ever more visible. And that’s how all crude initial manifestations of life gradually evolve into something beautiful, perfect and therefore holy. You have reached spiritual perfection when all powers and qualities of your lower and higher nature have been experienced, accept and integrated and your whole being is under the control of your higher God or Christ nature.

Through each one of you, I experience Myself and find a better understanding of Myself, the same as you are doing. Every shred of knowledge one of you gathers increases the amount of wisdom that exists not only in you and your world, but also in the whole of Creation. In the long course of each individual evolutionary journey, every one of you slowly but surely ascends from the darkness of an almost purely earthly existence and your spirit/soul is but a tiny spark of My light. As, in the course of many lifetimes your spark literally accumulates ever more light, its strength increases. And as you grow in wisdom and understanding of yourself and your world, light also comes to you in the form of enlightenment, i.e. knowledge about My true nature, yours and the special relationship every human being has always had and forever will have with Me.

For long enough humankind has been stumbling through the darkness of not knowing these things. Rejoice because ever more of you have definitely reached the end of the dark and lightless chapters of humankind’s evolutionary pathway. The light you and your world for some time have been receiving from the Angels and Me is slowly but surely dissolving the remaining darkness of your world. And that will continue until every bit of it has gone.

Without the way there is no going.
Without the truth there is no knowing.
Without the light there is no living.

Thomas à Kempis
1380 – 1471

Without light there is no life and life cannot exist without light. At the beginning of the creative process, all matter is very tightly compressed light. But even then every cell and atom of your physical bodies consisted of My light. Without Me and My light there would be no atoms or cells; there would be no you, no material world, no anything. And, as touched upon earlier, life in the whole of Creation is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. There is no standing still or going backwards, not even for the briefest of moments. And every one of you and also your whole world eventually reaches the developmental point when increasing numbers of you become aware of their true nature and that God is a great deal more than the old religions were allowed by the Angels and Me to tell you.

The Divine Trinity is the life force that has brought everything in the whole of Creation into being. It is part of everything that exists and maintains it. It takes a long time until human beings become aware that God is life itself and that all life is God. You are in Me and I am in you. You yourselves are God and each one of you is a young God in the making. Each one of you is responsible for themselves. With every one of your thoughts, words and actions you are constantly in the process of creating something. You are also responsible for the present state of your world, because in That’s why you are expected to do whatever you can to put things right. No-one is alone in this mammoth enterprise. The Angels and I are waiting for the call of anyone who is sufficiently evolved to be able to take part in it. All you have to do is ask for our help, so we can show you intuitively what kind of contribution you can make.

* * *

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8 Aug, 2020
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