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Humankind’s Quest For Power
Humankind’s Quest For Power

Humankind’s Quest For Power


To Jab Or Not To Jab – Part Eight

The masculine part of the Divine Trinity is the will and power aspect of the God, the Great Father of all life. Its feminine counterpart is the love and wisdom of the Goddess, the Great Mother. Being a spark of the Divine, the same energies and qualities that are contained in them are also in us, women and men alike. Until the development of the masculine in our world, each one of us through their own experiences, finds an improved understanding of the higher purpose and meaning of humankind’s existence, the masculine characteristics manifest themselves as the man being right at all times. He resists bending his will and principles for anyone and has no time for compromises that would make life more bearable for everybody around him. He will have none of what to him, during the early part of his earthly education, he perceives as sheer nonsense.

The male of our species, during that stage of its development, has a strong urge to dominate and rule. Just about the only thing he is interested in is changing the world around him and its people to suit his will and adapts them to the whims of his lower animal desire nature. This leaves only one road open to him and that is the pursuit of power and personal gains. With his limited vision and understanding of earthly life he sees this as giving him the power to purchase what he wants. What could be simpler? When he has grown into a wise one, he too will know that each one of us can only learn from the consequences of the thoughts, words and actions they once sent into our world, when in due course the Universal laws are returning them to him in some form or another.

Alas, it takes many lifetimes until such things dawn on us. As a result, as young and inexperienced souls we do not hesitate to abuse any knowledge that the highest levels of life are making available to our world for the satisfying of the selfish desires and urges of our lower earthly nature. As a result, those who dream of ruling the world with godlike power, may then seek the means for building an atom bomb with which to threaten our world and if need be, using it. And so far that person has no idea that thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that it is God’s will that has the power to create matter from light and later destroy it again, if it so wishes.

There are two great rivers of consciousness in our world and each has its own thought waves that are part of it and are constantly feeding into it. The first one is the good, positive and constructive stream and the second is the evil, negative and destructive one. The first consists of the flow of energies from the higher evolved parts of Creation and the second that of the crude lower and unevolved one. For as long as someone chases the biggest illusion of our earthly existence, known as power, the energies of anything that person thinks and does automatically join the destructive and evil stream. The more wise ones who have woken up into the conscious awareness of their true nature feed into the evolved stream, the sooner that which is evil will be absorbed into it until every bit of it has gone.

But while we are still dreaming of gaining control and dominion over other countries and their people, maybe not only their bodies but also their spirits and souls, during the early phases of our development we are likely to threaten death and destruction to whatever gets in our way and tries to stop us. Should the attacked fail to oblige and obey, we do not hesitate to follow our threats up with the necessary actions. And even the tiniest step along this road not only creates more evil and spreads it far and wise. It also brings increasingly difficult Karma into being that eventually has to be redeemed – by none other than us.

Humankind’s past is a clear demonstration of how, without at least a degree of spiritual awareness, it is very easy to slip into a state of total disregard for our beautiful planet with all its life-forms. Unaware of the repercussions our actions are bound to have on ourselves, our life and the world around us, we have been stumbling from one natural catastrophe to another for long enough. That has been the way of the past and the patriarchy, but now the energies are right for ever more of us are now waking up from the nightmare all of us together have created and responding to the calls of the spirit world.

Yet, the present poor state of our world has been serving a wise higher purpose, the same as everything that happens anywhere in it. Only through observing how our environment is reacting to what we have been and in many parts still are doing. Making mistakes is the only way we can ever learn something. There will come a time when the last one of us will have evolved into a wise one who can recognise that in our physical existence there are only two types of true power available to us. The first one is making mistakes and being willing to learn from them. The second power is part of the first one and that is deciding how we wish to respond and react to the people and situations of our daily lives.

If we wish to evolve, as all lifeforms must, there is no point in keeping our learning to ourselves. It has to be shared with as many people as possible and these days there no longer is any need for standing and preaching from pulpits and soap boxes. Living by good example and one-to-one contacts is preferable. The more the awareness of everybody’s true nature and responsibility for ourselves and our world spreads, the more people are going to make genuine efforts at bringing forth their highest and best qualities, the more quickly the remaining evil in our world will be absorbed into that which is good, right and beautiful.

During past ages and without exception, everybody has been involved in creating evil, for the simple reason that we did not know any better. Besides, this has always been the only way human beings could be taught how to differentiate between the polar opposites of good and evil. But do we not owe it to ourselves and our whole world, to give of our best and steadfastly refuse to stoop to that which many of those around us insist on doing to this day? By using the God-given power of making wise and conscious decisions of always and without hesitation acting and reacting in a positive and constructive manner, we are taking our own destiny into our own hands and also that of our world. Each time does this, they are making a valuable contribution towards taking all of us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life into the new golden age of the conscious knowledge of everybody’s oneness with God.

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14 Feb, 2020
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