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I Am The Resurrection
I Am The Resurrection

I Am The Resurrection


The Aquarian Revelations – Part Seventeen

I Am The Resurrection

Good Friday 2019

Listen to Me, My people.
Give ear to Me, My nation.
A law will go forth from Me,
And My justice for a light to the people.

Lift up your eyes to the Heavens,
And look at the Earth down below.
The Heavens will vanish like smoke,
And the Earth will wear out like a garment.

Turn to me, O turn and be saved,
Says the Lord, for I am God.
There is no other, none beside Me.
I am He who comforts you,
Who are you to be afraid?
For flesh that fades
Is made like the grass of the field,
Soon to wither.

* * *

The thoughtform Jesus speaks to us and our world:
‘I am a symbol of the resurrection of
The spirit life of every one of you.
At the end of every earthly lifetime
The flesh of your physical bodies fades away,
But your spirit/souls are immortal and eternal.
They move on to a different dimension of life and
Return to your true home, the world of spirit or light,
To rest and recuperate from the
Harshness of your earthly existence.

When I say: ‘Listen to Me, My people,’
I am calling out to every one of you
Wherever you may presently be.
The earthly plane and also the spirit realm
Are equally My world.
‘Give ear to Me, My Nation,’
Addresses the whole of humankind.

All of you, turn to Me and accept the fact that
I have always ever existed as a thoughtform.
I am one of the many symbols
God and the Angels have used down the ages
To represent every human being’s higher Christ nature.
I am not a force somewhere ‘out there’.
The only place where I can be found is inside you.
When you bring forth,
Each from deep within their own being,
The highest and noblest, you are manifesting Me,
The eternal aspects of your higher nature.

By all means call this part of yourself Jesus,
If that makes you feel good.
And know that each time you are doing this
You are not turning against Me, you are embracing Me.
You are not betraying Me but coming closer to Me.
I am that which in you is good and kind,
Loving and tolerant, considerate and compassionate.
Every human being possesses these qualities,
Even mass murderers in the death cell.
In them I so far only exist in seedform,
Waiting to be brought forth
When the time for doing so has come for them,
Which it will do in due course.

They, the same as you and everybody else,
Are the only ones who can save and redeem you.
So turn to Me and love Me for who I truly am:
Your own inner Christ nature.
Yes, I can save and redeem you,
But only when you accept Me the way I truly am.
That’s the only way any one of you can really turn to Me,
For you are then taking possession of Me and
Giving Me My rightful place at last: in your heart.

Lift your perception to the immortality of your spirit/soul
And see for yourself that your earthly lifetimes
Could only ever be passing phases.
When you nail the drives and urges of your lower nature
To the cross of earthly life and they are dying a natural death there,
Your Christ nature gradually takes over your whole being
And you will no longer need to return for earthly lessons.

God and the Angels created Me and to
All who are ready to understand they wish to tell
The truth about God’s nature and their own.
They want to show you intuitively how you can
Save and redeem yourself and at the same time contribute to
The blessing and healing of your whole world.
They are withdrawing Me from your world
Because the Age of Aquarius is about TRUTH.
Long enough have I existed as a lie and deception.
It was inspired by God and the Angels.
Nothing in the whole of Creation happens without it.

To teach humankind their value,
Honesty and truth, integrity and loyalty,
The qualities of everybody’s higher Christ nature,
For a long time disappeared from your world.
But now that the age of truth is with you,
There is no longer any need for Me
As a thoughtform.
So be glad and rejoice!

John Foley
Updated by Aquarius

* * *

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19 Apr, 2019
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