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i need help
i need help

i need help


my ocs' backstories are so dramamtic, i dont even know if I want to describe them in detail-

omg, I didn't even give some of them actual backstories! i just kinda threw them off to the side and said "you're a jerk but not really, you're a jock but not really, and you're a nerd." what am I supposed to do with that information? there's no book about creating worthwhile characters. I'm dying and I don't know what to do about it. help meeeee

okay, okay, if you've read my last musing you'll know I was debating my characters' backstories and what to really do with them. I said i'd probably explain them later, I think?? anyway, I'll just explain in my terrible way-

we'll start with the more background kind of characters:

Callie: she had toxic friends and she bullied a lot of kids verbally until she met Cody, who she is now in a relationship with, she wants to be a fashion designer

Ben: he was a skinny tall kid who wanted to be an athlete but couldn't, then he found basketball and started practicing and then he found out he was really good at it so now he's striving for his dream again

Alex/Lexie( I've changed her name a little bit ): she was always the smart kid, she was bullied because of it, then she strived to learn more and more until she realized she had a knack for diseases and she decided to work towards becoming a doctor

Cody: he was also a nerd, though he wasn't bullied he was supported very strongly by his father( who was divorced when cody was like 11 ), he just wants to get through school before he decides on a career

now we get to my two most favorite characters, who have been changing constantly throughout my three years of messing around with them

Leo: after his father( also cody's father in case you didn't know )'s divorce, he went to live with his mother whom he can barely remember now. he has depression, but has been working through that with his new friends

Lyn: she doesn't have much of a past bc she's supposed to represent me

I think this is all I have to say-

maybe this'll help you understand a bit more about my characters and if you would like a more in-depth explanation let me know, but until then imma just keep creating

Author Notes: (also happy 10th anniversary, MatPat and Steph!)

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30 Apr, 2021
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