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I Saw an Angel
I Saw an Angel

I Saw an Angel


"Bye, Blair" Noah says before I get in my car. "Love you, Babe!" I call back. I get into my car and grab my keys out of my purse. I throw my bookbag in the passenger seat and shake out of my coat. I turn my phone on and check I have any new messages. There`s a party Invitation from Vicki. It says 'Hey Blair! We decided to throw a party tonight. It starts at 8:30 and ends at 12:00. Are you coming? Please do, Everyone says that you are the life of the party! Bye, and please come!' It was signed, Your bestie since 3rd grade, Vicki. I laugh at that, then I decide to text my mom.

Me: Hey Mom, there`s a party tonight. Can I please go? I am passing all of my classes and It`s a friday night. I`ll take Henry to school for a month and do all of the chores.

Mom: What time does is start and end?

Me: It starts at 8:30 and ends at 12.

Mom: Sure, It`s fine if you go, just text me when you get there and when you leave.

Me: Thanks mom, see you at 12:30 I guess?

Mom: Yeah, that`ll be fine. Also, you don`t have to do all the chores or take Henry to school, you`re fine.

Me: Thanks Mom, you`re the best!

Me: <3

I put my phone in the center console. Then I start my car and then pull out of the school. I see Noah in his worn out Ford F150 through the rear-view mirror. I wave at him. He waves back. I smile and turn on the radio to my favorite station, 96.5 The bull. I turn onto the highway and begin cruising toward NewHaven Road, where Vicki lives. The highway is suprisingly empty. I drive for a few more minutes before I see the exit. I get off of the highway and wait at the red light. Once It turns green I begin turning left. Someone runs the red light and doesn`t see me. I scream, trying to turn left. The car collides with me and the momentun of it sends my car tumbling down the road. My entire body feels limp and broken. The airbags aren`t doing their job. I crash through the front window, all the while unconcious. I feel the car stop. It`s flipped over, and I`m stuck in it. I see a light, and then, I see an angel. It picks me up out of the car and I no longer feel pain. I feel free.

"I am going to wake you up, Ok?" The angel says,"Everything`s gong to be alright." I feel myself regain conscoiusness and then my eyes fly open. I gasp and try to breathe. Oxygen flows through the air. The ceilings are white and bright. I look around. I`m in a hosptal room. I have a cast on my entire left arm and leg. My Mom and Dad are talking to the nurse. Henry is sobbing." I-I want h-her to b-be o-ok" He says hiccuping. I try to talk, but it won`t work. So in a small whisper, I say "Henry".

He hears me and yells " Mom, Dad, Blair`s ok! She`s awake!" He`s still crying, but he`s smiling.

"We heard her, sweetheart. Blair are you ok?" Dad asks, "You got into a car crash." It hurts to talk, so I just nod weakly. Mom rushes over and practically cries.

"My baby, my poor baby! I`m so, so sorry you got in the crash." I look at her and smile.

I manage to whisper," What happened?"

The nurse says,"You have broken your temur and fibia on your left leg. You have also snapped your humerus and your knuckles."

"That doesn`t explain what happened." I say weakly, "What happened with the car crash?"

The nurse says," A drunk driver ran a red light and hit your car, sending you flying. There is footage of the incident, via dashcam" I look up at the ceiling and say, "I saw an angel."

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13 Apr, 2022
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