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I Want to Be a Bird
I Want to Be a Bird

I Want to Be a Bird

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Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a bird. They look like they are jut so peaceful. They look like they have no worries. They just look so free. I want to be a bird. Maybe in the future I will be. I want to fly. I want to be seen as something that is beautiful. Birds are just so beautiful. I love birds. I want to be a bird. I want to be a bird. I WANT TO BE A BIRD. I WANT TO FLY. I WANT TO SORE UP INTO THE AIR ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE. That day was tough. I thought that day that I would become a bird. I pleaded to god and begged him to turn me into a bird. But it never happened. It never happened. I was so upset that day that I just went to bed, my eyes filling with tears and falling down onto the pillow. Eventually the pillow was soaking, but I did not care. I cried so hard that I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning. Everything felt like such a blur. My head was pounding. I could not remember why my pillow was so wet or why mascara was dripping down my face. my mum came into my room that morning, with a huge smile on her face. she looked kind of creepy not going to lie to you. But she looked like she had something important to tell I quickly wiped the mascara from under my eyes and wiped it of from dripping down onto my cheeks. My eyes were all puffy. I assumed that I had been crying the night before. But I did not say anything. I sat up to see my mum holding something in her hand. She was holding it behind her back so I couldn’t see. I asked her what she was holding. She smiled and she showed me that she had a cage. With a white bird in it. It was beautiful. It was majestical. I asked her if it was for me, my mum nodded. Put it on my dresser and then left the room. The bird looked so scared. I opened the cage to see what would happen. She did not fly out, she just stood there. I closed the cage again. I thought all day about what I wanted her name to be. I finally had decided on the name snow. That night when I was going to go to bed, I looked at snow and she still looked so scared. I opened the cage door one more time. Still she did not come out. I put my hand up to the cage, hoping that she would not bite me. she did not instead she reached her claw out and grabbed onto my finger. She was trembling the poor thing. I slowly took my hand out the cage. Snow along with it. I told her to fly, I told her it would be fun. She did not move. I put her onto my lap. She snuggled up between my legs and she just laid there. She just laid there and she looked so peaceful. I put her back into her cage. The next morning I woke up and snow was not in her cage. I had left the door open by mistake. The one time I don’t shut the door she flies out. Of course, she flies out. I went round shouting her name, I went round the whole house looking for her. Mum even helped me. she was no where to be found though. She had flown right out of my window. I cried that day, all day. I wouldn’t come out for anything or anyone. I wanted her back. I needed her. Its not fair. I want to be a bird. I wanted to be a bird. So I became one and well you know the rest.

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24 Nov, 2020
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3 mins
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