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In Love
In Love

In Love

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I’ll admit, I was really nervous to go on a date with you when you first asked me out. But now I’m really glad that I said yes. This night is going amazingly.

I spent an hour getting ready, dressed, my hair, and my makeup. When you showed up in your jeans and my chemical romance t-shirt you took my breath away. You even bought me a bouquet of flowers, even better they were pink roses, which are my favorite.

You let my parents fuss over us and take a million pictures of the two of us together. Then you walked me out to your car and you took me to the fair, and you spoiled the fuck outta me there.

You won me three giant stuffed animals, and bought me so much cotton candy my favorite thing to eat here besides funnel cake.

And now we are walking around hand in hand. You stop and tell me to wait right here, while you get me a surprise.

I giggle.”Ok.”

Five minutes later you come back with funnel cake.

“Omg!! You remembered!” I squeal.

You smile. “Of course. I love you my queen.”

As I eat that we start to walk and we end up on the beach. I finish my funnel cake and you take me back to your car.

As we are getting ready to drive, you look over at me and there’s a weird look in your eyes.

“What's wrong?”

But before you answer you lean over and you kiss me. I groan. I’ve imagined kissing you a million times, but I never would have guessed it could feel this good.

Our lips fit perfectly together. Your hands start traveling on my back. And my hands go to your hair, I start tugging and you groan.

The kissing gets more intense and you pull me on top of you and recline your seat back as far as it will go.

When we pull apart all I can do is stare at you. I would have never guessed how good of a kisser you were. I mean sure I’ve heard rumors from your exes that you were really good, but I never would have been able to imagine how good.

All of a sudden you start to cry.

“Omg, babe what’s wrong?” I put my arm around your shoulder.

“I’m sorry. I really do love you.”

“Sorry for what?”
You turn around and look at me. “For this.” And with that you pull out a gun and point it at my head.

I gasp in shock.

“You mean your part of…”

“The SIS. Yes I am.”

“Shit,” I say. I knew I should have never broken cover and come with you. And with that you shoot me in my head.

That happened three weeks ago. I have been watching you since then. You have kept all the stuffed animals you won for me, and you keep the pictures of the two of us. And I know what you’re planning on doing.

You’re planning on killing yourself so you can be down here with me. I can’t wait to see you and feel your lips against mine again.

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20 Feb, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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