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Independent Minds
Independent Minds

Independent Minds

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It is one little word
that makes the world turn.

May be right.
May be wrong.

Who really cares though?

The idea to think is to be
right and wrong.
The idea to think is to be
The idea to think is to be
able to create.
The idea to think is to be

There are things you may hate,
there are things you may like,
but who are you to not wonder
about what you do, say or support?


Cause you aren't an independent thinker.
You are a follower.
You are and will be the one sheep in a herd
to be sucked in a mud wallow
because every other wooled animal
went in the mud.

It's not wrong to always follow a crowd.
Studies show that people who follow crowds
end up to be fine with their choice and are sometimes right.
Hang on though...
What if it was the wrong choice?
Then the popularity of the people were wrong
and they didn't drag you into Hell.
You dragged yourself into Hell
because you didn't think for yourself
and fell into the ideas of others without notice.

Think about this.

Danger sign ahead of the road.
Press down the gas pedal?


Slow down and take time to think.
What could be up ahead?
A broken tree, down power line?
Possibilities are endless.
Which is why it is important to think.

You may say, "there is a gap you must speed across."
But how do you know there's a gap?
Maybe it's just too big to jump no matter the speed
and to stop in time is impossible and you fall.
Now there is one word,
If you take the time to think
you can retrace your steps.
Cause to act with care,
you must think.

Middle of a war-zone.
Do you proceed with the army of people
who acted on influence and emotion?

But don't say you didn't think about it.

You made a choice to not think,
and that was the moment you put your life
on the line.
Beause to understand the enemy
you must walk in line with the enemy
in their actions and beliefs
but not be them.
Otherwise you are the enemy.

What kind of fighter are you?
Are you the one who's defensive
or do you go out and throw a barrage of fists?
I can't think for you how to fight.
I can give advice whether I know the opponent or not,
but it is up to you knock them out,
not me.

A whole new world can open up

Don't think for the people
or think with the people.
Think for yourself,
then the people.
Because to understand humanity
you must know where you stand.

Is it okay to be wrong?
Is it okay to follow?


No one is perfect.
We strive for it,
but it turns to smoke in reality
and we suffer the consequence.
But there are people and things we may follow
and it may be for the better or worse.

Think of how great the world is
with it's independent minds.

And think of how much more unique it could be
with one more
independent thinker.

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About This Story
19 Oct, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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