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Insane Survival Stories: THE WILD BOARS (THAI SOCCER TEAM)

Insane Survival Stories: THE WILD BOARS (THAI SOCCER TEAM)

By Kat Dickens

After soccer practice in June 2018, 12 members of the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach decided to explore a nearby cave. (the cave was the Tham Luang cave, one of Thailand longest caves.) The boys were between the ages of 11 and 16, and their coach was 25. As they were wading in the waters in the cave and exploring it, a flash flood came. And they were forced to go deeper into the cave until they found an elevated platform. This platform was 2.49 miles into the cave. The flood filled the cave systems trapping the boys there for 17 days. For the first nine days, they had no food and relied on water dripping down from the stalactites. And realizing they were trapped, they took turns digging a 16-foot hole in the cave wall, hoping to find a way out. Then British divers had found the boys on accident. (they had entered the cave three hours before they found them) But the boys' battle was only halfway over. Thai Seals entered the cave to help, and be with the boys as rescuers planned a way to get them to safety. Over the course of three-day mission divers rescued the boys and their coach. The troublesome journey to the surface required each boy to wear a full-face diving mask, and be tied to two divers (one on each side), and swim for hours through turns and tight squeezes. But thanks to the efforts of Thai Navy Seals and the international dive community, all of the boys, and their coach survived and were able to quickly return to a normal and healthy life after they were rescued.

Tragically, one former Thai Navy Seal died in the rescue effort.

Author Notes: Please rate, and tell me what you think, hope you like it.

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Kat Dickens
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11 Sep, 2020
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1 min
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