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Introduction / A Hybrids Life
Introduction / A Hybrids Life

Introduction / A Hybrids Life


Raven Gracefield was born very sick and weak because she was a hybrid. Hybrids don't live that long past birth because their little body can't handle the power and the strength of having two different species in their body, so they die but Raven was lucky enough to survive.

But before I continue let me introduce you to her siblings, the eldest Tony Gracefield he's a fox spirit. Now we have the second oldest Shuu Gracefield he's a werewolf. Next we have the third oldest Mich Gracefield he's a siren. Raven is the youngest out of all the brothers but now let's continue with the story.

And you also might be thinking what she is mixed with, but she's mixed with everything you could think of like a goddess, mermaid, siren, vampire, demon, werewolf, etc. But you're probably wondering how she is mixed with all these things and how her siblings are mixed with differ things as well, but they're only mixed with these things because their biological mother was the goddess Irene Gracefield.

(which is the goddess that humans love so much and is like god in this story. Which also means that they are royalty in the realm that they live in. This means that Irene was the queen and Raven is a princess and her siblings are princes)

Irene has all the forms of every creature so that's how Raven and her siblings have differed forms than each other and their biological father Griffin Gracefield helped to because you need to people to have a child as you know.

But interesting enough their father was human, and Irene didn't have a human form she was normally in her goddess form to play off as a human, but she would get caught and would have to move to a different place. It was interesting because Raven ended up having a human form. Also, I only say biological because their parents sadly died when they were still small children and their uncle Milo Wilson became the king of their realm and took them in.......

To Be Continued...........

Author Notes: This a remake of "A Hybrid's Life" because I recently reread it and there was a lot of things I wanted to add to change and just to fix up the story. So this is going to be the introduction chapter and please tell me how you like it. Also, her birthday is April 8. Bye for now cadets

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13 Feb, 2021
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