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Is There Any Need For Praying?
Is There Any Need For Praying?

Is There Any Need For Praying?


Is There Any Need For Praying?

Part One

For a long time of our earthly existence the inner connection of our lower self with the spirit realm with its many different levels and the highest one of God is blocked. This is our true home from which we emerge at the beginning of every new lifetime in the material world and to which we return at its end. There is nowhere else for any one of us to go. The inner world individually and collectively influences everything in our world, including you and me. But during many lifetimes we are so thoroughly cut off from it that we have no idea of its presence, the role it plays in our life and the powers it possesses.

This is the place in which every one of us first emerged from the heartmind of the Great Father, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, as a creative idea. At that stage of our development we were merely a spark of the Light of the Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother. Even though we were but a tiny speck of light, we had been programmed that in the fullness of time we would evolve into a perfect human being. Perfect in this context means all aspects of our nature integrated and harmoniously working together, the way they are doing in our Creator.

That’s why every human being will eventually have grown into someone who is half human and half Divine and, like the legendary Jesus, a spiritual Master who is whole and therefore holy. And whether someone is aware of it as yet or not, this is the ideal every one of us has been striving for from the moment of our creation because that is humankind’s evolutionary goal.

When we have spiritually matured sufficiently for our superconscious faculties to rise from their slumbering state, we discover to our astonishment that Heaven and Hell never were places anyone goes to. They are states of consciousness every earthling frequently enter into in earthly life. Isn’t what you, through your addiction(s), are presently going through proof enough? Every experience, good, bad and indifferent ones alike, leaves an impression behind in the memories of our soul. And this has been happening ever since we came away from our spirit home. Each earthly lifetime, and there have been many of that you can be sure, has created another layer of memories that has been stored on top of our recall about our oneness with our Creator and the spirit world.

The effect of this piling up has been that we gradually became completely cut off from the source of our being and our true home. When the turning point of our earthly education has been reached and we are homeward bound, the time for removing these layers, down to the very last one. And that may take many years of working our way through what feels like mountains of emotional/spiritual debris that has accumulated in the memories of our soul, as I can tell you from first hand experience.

For this purpose we are bringing with us into every new lifetime the soul memories that have been stored up to the point of our most recent departure from it. They are stored in the cells of our physical body and the soul is part of our water body, which in turn is part of our physical body, the outer shell and vehicle for getting around in our world. The soul eventually needs to shed layer upon layer of its memories, down to its most unhappy and traumatic ones, and that means reaching ever deeper into our lifetimes of the past. This process can be likened to the peeling of an onion; it’s the emptying out that has been known to the mystics of all ages.

At the beginning of it, when the going gets particularly rough and we are feeling lost, lonely and frightened out of our wits, the need for praying overcomes us for the first time. Our spirit friends and helpers are quietly observing our suffering, but they are not allowed to come to anyone’s help unless it is asked for. Our prayer is their signal that our Christ nature is ready to wake up. The baby in the manger in Bethlehem is a symbolism of this development that takes place in every one of us as soon as we have reached the evolutionary point that our journey home can commence.

None of us is ever left to their own devices during any part of it. Angels and Masters and countless groups of other spirit guides and helpers are constantly with and around us. It’s just that for a long time we are not allowed to know of their presence, as that would interfere with our earthly lessons. Even though they are invisible to earthly eyes, they have always been observing, guiding and protecting us whenever things are in danger of getting completely out of hand with us and our world. And when we are in danger of getting to far away from our predestined pathway, something happens to us that nudges us back onto it. That’s the work of our unseen friends.

It comes as a great surprise to us when we first find out that God is not somewhere in the Heavens above our world and that finding and connecting with our Creator is an inner experience. The physical world is the outermost edge of the whole of Creation. God is the highest level of life and surprisingly this means its deepest innermost point. And during our quiet times of prayer, meditation and reflections on the purpose and meaning of our existence, our earthly mind tunes itself into the frequencies of the higher and eventually highest levels.

Although for a long time we may not feel any response to our prayers, the first one has been the messenger who knocked at the door of our inner consciousness and got the connection between us and our spirit guides going. By the way, every one of our prayers is heard, but sometimes the answer has to be ‘No!’ This happens when our karmic debts and the life lessons we are presently taking part in do not allow anything else. Nonetheless, our spirit helpers respond to every call they receive and support us as far this is possible under the given circumstances.

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31 Jan, 2019
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