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Is There Time Left To Mend Our Ways?
Is There Time Left To Mend Our Ways?

Is There Time Left To Mend Our Ways?


To Jab Or Not To Jab – Part Nineteen

The writing for a major environmental disaster is most certainly is on the wall. But how many possess the inner vision that enables them to perceive it? Might it be only a question of time until the animal kingdom takes its revenge, without intending to or even knowing about it? Will it strike back at us for what we have inflicted upon it and in some parts of our world still insist on doing because of our ignorance of what is at stake? I sincerely hope that time will be left for learning from our mistakes of the past and doing better.

All of us are responsible for the present state of our world because every one of us did their share of bringing it about. I hope and pray that it may never come to flocks of birds falling from the sky because increasing numbers of us recognise their responsibility for what to this day many are thoughtlessly creating in their relentless struggle for ever more material goodies.

Don’t you think it’s the highest time that ever more earthly selves wake up from their spiritual slumber and recognise the wise higher purpose of their existence as well as the holy destiny that is in store for every one of us in the end? To my mind, the best way of helping them to grasp these concepts is by gently explaining our own views about the wise higher meaning of everyone’s earthly existence. I like to use as simple, kind and loving words as possible, something like this:

• Earthly life is a school, a place for learning and growing where everybody is a teacher and student at the same time. Each can only do this through their own experiences.
• The essence of our being is spirit/soul and there is no death, merely a moving into a different dimension of life at the end of every earthly lifetime.
• God is in us and we are in God. God is as much part of us as we are part of God. Every one of us is a young God in the making and we are serving the initial part of our apprenticeship by experiencing ourselves as physical beings in a material environment.
• We are responsible for every word, thought and action, and also for the state of our world. In the course of many lifetimes each one of us contributed to making it the way it presently is.
• All parts of Creation contain God. And nothing exists outside or is beyond the reach of God and the Angels. Everything consists of dualities and polar opposites, for example masculine and feminine, God and Goddess, good and evil, darkness and light. In every human being they manifest themselves as the very best as well as the worst characteristics. No-one is all good or bad. Everybody is a mixture of both. The highest and noblest qualities are there, if only in seedform waiting to be brought forth and developed. The lower and lowest ones need to be overcome and nailed to the cross of earthly life, so they can be left behind for good.
• The Earth is our Great Mother. Everything is given into our care and in trust, for safe-keeping only. That also applies to our physical bodies, our planet and everything that shares it with us.
• Nothing is truly ours. Our physical bodies are merely a vehicle for getting around on the Earth and that for one lifetime only. Belonging to the Earth, they have to be returned when the indwelling spirit/soul no longer requires it. Nothing in the whole of Creation is ever wasted and everything is recycled time and again. This is also true for the components of our physical bodies. One way or another they too are recycled.
• Everything on this planet is borrowed, for a time only and should be left behind in as good condition as possible. All parts of the Earth we have ever occupied, visited and/or used – including our physical bodies – should ideally be left behind in a better state than we once found them.

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26 Feb, 2020
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3 mins
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