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It's My Life Part 2
It's My Life Part 2

It's My Life Part 2

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Chapter Two

Sky’s P.O.V

I was new to everything here in America. I never imagined that there was such beauty here. The sides of the roads were covered with trees and bushes. There were flowers everywhere but this beauty reminds me of home. I wish I could go back but Michel still has a business to run and I choose to come here.

The schools were small but bigger than some of the other buildings When I got to high school the principle met me said that there are so many wonderful things here and I don’t doubt that. The secretary said that there was going to be a girl that I had all the same classes with so she will show me around the school. When I saw her I never thought someone from here can be so beautiful. Her hair looked like black silk and her eyes were like sapphires from the royal crown. That girl I swear was an angel from the heavens.

“ Hello I’m Lucy Angel. It is nice to meet you. Welcome America and to Cape Town High.” Lucy said. Her last name is angel that explains a lot. Her voice sounded sweet like honey. She broke the silence first “ Are you going to tell me your name or you going to stand there and say nothing. So you have all the same classes as me. There is a reason behind that I’m always elected for class president and I’m always on the honor roll plus I never gotten a detention or a refusal so I’m known as miss goodie-goodie two shoes.”

“That is nice to know. I’m Sky Lonernly. Yeah, I know it's weird.” I bet that she is the most popular girl here. “I hope we have enough time to get something to eat I’m famish.” I’m so stupid. Why did I say that?

“Yeah the cafe is still open for another hour no one get here ‘til eight really. My friends and I get here early because we get to eat first and we get a head start than anyone plus we get coffee in the morning.” Lucy said nervously. I think she is a little shy. That is so cute.

“I like to meet them. I’m sure we will get along great.” I said. Her friends are properly just like her a group of great people that strives to do the right thing whenever they have the chance.

“ Yo, Lu, who that with you?” A girl with red highlights in her hair. She looked like she was going to a rock concert.

“This is Sky Lonernly he is the new transfer student, Cassy.” Lucy was trying to explain what is going on. “He needs people to show him around the school and give him a tip on how things work around here.”

“Well, welcome to the jungle. Your in good hands Luc practically lives at school. She gets stright A’s in every fucking subject, also she can hold a job longer then I can” laughed a black haired boy who looks like the gaurter back for a football team and yes I hnow a little bit of American ways.

“Well it is very nice to meet you thank you for that little bit of information but I think miss Lucy can take over that.” I tell them but they look at me as if I was speaking ancient greek which I can speak.

“Okay, I think we should get some food. Hey look they’re serving pancakes yum. You said you were hungry.” Lucy said. It was like she was trying to get me away from her friends or trying to get her friends away from me; whatever the case I agreed “Hey a little advice don’t get on Matt’s bad side. He is like the boss of all the cool kids under me of course.” Lucy explained.

“Well thank you, but why is he afraid of you? I mean you don’t look threatening at all.” I ask because it won’t hurt her.

“Matt is afraid of me because I kick his ass back in first grade and I also take MMA every saturday. Oh hears a heads up don’t talk to anyone that Cassy or Holly talk you about ‘k. They’re some pretty messed up kids ‘kay.” Lucy informs me.

“ People don’t talk like how you do where I come from. So it is quite strange to me of how you guys speak to each other.” I feel so ignorant saying that but I just wanted to start a conversation. Lucy did nothing but laugh at what I said.

“Well would you prefer I say ‘bloody hell’ every time I cruse?” Lucy said with a big smile on her face.

“I understand what you are saying just it’s different then London.” I chould tell that my vocie sounded a little sad. We got our breakfest and talked for a while than the bell ringed . My first Class of the day was going to go great I hope.

Author Notes: There will be a part 3 coming soon.

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18 Dec, 2019
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