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It's My Life Part 3
It's My Life Part 3

It's My Life Part 3


Chapter Three

Lucy’s P.O.V

English is an easy grade. I mean I am good at it. My teacher Mr.Rondin is chill. Geometry is also a guarantee A because I spend hours on it. Art class is nothing at all. I can doodle in my sleep. Spanish, Ha ha, I took that in first grade. P.E. is fun, nothing to worry about. World history is what I do on my free time. I love culinary it is fun to cook. My only concern is choirs. I mean I can sing but not in front of people. I hate to be stared at it is uncomfortable.

My ‘new friend’ seems to be doing well. I get way the teachers are treating him like royalty. His big brother is the CEO of a really big company. I don’t get way he is here but who really cares.

“So what can you do here for fun. I mean it can’t be that different than my school back in London.” He said as left our first class. “Do you go to the library or do you go shopping?” He asks a lot of questions. I better tell the truth.

“To tell you the truth. I don’t really have fun. I live on my own and I have to work to pay bills. I’m always studying something. I don’t go to parties or football game. I didn’t even go to homecoming. Least to say is I’m a boring ass person.” I almost cried. I could hear the regret and sadness in my own voice.

“No your not. You just got a lot on your plate right now. Things will work out sooner or later. Now tell me what is homecoming is it like a dance? Oh, before I forget do you know if there is a place I can stay?” he asked nonchalant. I think that was a little cute. What am I saying no fallin’ for anyone. So he needed a place to stay. I do got a spare room but I don’t know him that well.

“You can stay with me I have a spare room.” If you are wondering why I’m letting this strange teenage boy live with me is because my nana would do it for him or anyone who needs help. “You can stay as long as you follow the rules. First no parties. I hate them. Second no drinking or drugs. They are bad and I hate them. Third don’t go in my room or bug me when I study ‘kay.’’ It is pretty simple. “Oh by the way are you allergic to animals?”

“No, I use to have a cat back in London also those are some pretty simply. I mean you could have ridiculous rules like don’t sit on the couch past 2pm.” he laughs

I could help but laugh as well. “ That's good. I have a kitten and puppy.” I realized that we are now at the choir room. I hope the teacher goes easy on us.

“Welcome class every one. I’m Miss Linen.” said the teacher who I will hate the most. Well let the hell begin.

Author Notes: Enjoy and more to come.

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24 Jan, 2020
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2 mins
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