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Keep on Keeping On
Keep on Keeping On

Keep on Keeping On


Ascending The Spiritual Mountain – Part Two

Keep On Keeping On

‘To achieve anything in earthly life, you have to keep on keeping on. This is particularly true for climbing spiritual mountain of your education in the school of earthly life. When you are reached its apex, you will be released from the obligation of taking part in it. Steadfastness is the quality you need most to achieve this. It develops quite naturally when you pursue your predestined path regardless of any obstacles and difficulties that may still have to come your way because of outstanding karmic debts. And when at last you kneel before the Highest and say: ‘Not my will, Great Father/Mother, but Thine. I humbly accept,’ the necessary strength to endure your burdens comes to you.

‘Feelings of joy will begin to lighten your life the more you observe how the Divine Universal laws have always been at work in human life, including your own. You then realise that everything that happens on the Earth is a manifestation of God’s perfect justice. And when you start to recognise how God’s sacred wisdom and truth has always been hiding behind the surface words of the myths, legends and religious tales of your world, you are in the process of developing true clairvoyance and are increasingly ready to share your insights into the ancient themes with those around you. Through a new understanding of the spiritual aspects of life, your gifts can bring them a renewal of faith and trust in the basic goodness of the life that has been given to all of you. As soon as what you are giving has sunken sufficiently deep into their consciousness, they too will be thinking and saying to themselves: ‘Everything will come right in the end.’ We assure you that most certainly it will.

‘The time has come for bringing forth, from deep within your own being, the characteristics of your higher Christ nature. They enable you to treat everybody you meet with the love, kindness and respect they deserve as a child of the Highest; whether they themselves are as yet aware of it or not, that’s what every human being is. Through your behaviour no further negative Karma is created by you. When all your remaining karmic debts have been paid, you have reached the top of the mountain of earthly life and will no longer need further lifetimes on your planet. This is how in due course every human being’s Christ nature will save and redeem its lower earthly self. That’s the only way the Christ will ever be able to do this for anyone.

‘With the clearing away of every bit of your negative Karma, it’s a steep road you have to climb that winds its way up the mountain of earthly life. Being well aware how difficult this can be at time, that’s why we are saying persevere, never give up, just keep going. You will get there even though the ascent at times appears to be too steep and high. And whenever you are turning a corner and still cannot see any sign of the summit, rest safely in the knowledge that waiting for you at the top are the warmth and light of the Great Sun, the Universal Christ’s realm. In due course every human being will reach it.

‘What good would it be to anyone if you were happy only when things are bright and shining, and become weak and doubtful when they turn dark and threatening? Endurance and steadfastness are the main qualities you need for your spiritual journey, if you seriously wish this lifetime to be the end of your earthly education. Stop worrying about the things that still have to happen to you and your world on the outer plane. Knowing that everything is the redemption of someone’s karmic debts and at the same time a lesson for somebody else, will help you to keep your vision firmly focused on God’s light deep within you. It is this light that enables you to keep moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

‘At the top of the spiritual mountain of the whole of Creation, not merely of earthly life, in the fullness of time awaits every human being the glory of the conscious reunion with the Divine Sun. When you perceive Its light and feel Its warmth and glow, nothing can deter you from wanting to move forwards on the predestined evolutionary pathway that eventually takes every one of you back to the source of your being. Every fibre of you then begins to yearn to forever feel the glory of Its warmth and comfort. Nothing matters to you any more but this and holding the whole of life in your loving heart, the way God has never stopped doing.

‘Just like you are focussing on the light of the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, who has always been radiating from the highest levels of life, many lifeforms on the Earth are waiting for your light to assist them with their evolutionary journey. God helps you and you are expected to help the lesser forms of life, to look after and care for them. Mother Earth’s nature and animal kingdoms are looking towards humankind for support, the same as you are reaching out to the Angelic realms. Ultimately, each one of you is responsible for the wellbeing of your whole world and all its kingdoms. With every loving thought you radiate into your world you are helping someone who is less highly evolved than you are. Even the tiniest lifeforms are constantly striving upwards towards God’s light, the same as you have always done.

‘Whatever still has to happen in your world, bear in mind that God does not hurry. All of us are God’s children and have to accept the wisdom of the Divine developmental pace. Therefore, do not lose patience with the project in hand and pursue lighter amusements and interests. If you did this, you would be wasting the rest of your present earthly lifetime and the possibilities for making good spiritual progress. In that case, when you entered into your next earthly sojourn the process of learning the lessons of patience and calmness of spirit would have to be started all over again.

‘Wise ones keep on keeping on. Their hearts filled with gratitude and trust, they are walking their predestined path and are feeling safe in the knowledge that, however long their road may still be, eventually they will receive their reward in the form of unheard of achievements and the completion of their earthly education. They know that waiting for all of you at the end of this particular part of your evolutionary expedition is the kind of happiness that earthly life cannot provide and a peace that nothing in the whole of Creation will ever take from you.

‘We are bringing you the truth as we know it at this particular moment, i.e. what has been given to us by the Angels in charge of you and your world and us and our world. They are the ones who, at any given time, decide which part of God’s sacred wisdom and truth should be revealed to you and how much of it is appropriate for the time of its publication. You do not have to take our word for anything we are presenting to you. If you pay attention to your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, you will know which parts – maybe even everything – is right for you and waiting to become part of your truth.

‘Every human being is destined to evolve into a seeker of God’s wisdom and truth as well as a healer and lightbringer in their own right. We appreciate humankind’s great hunger and thirst for this kind of information, but nonetheless advise you not to endlessly devour spiritual publications. Regardless of how old they are and who brought them into being, take care to reflect on what is before you and in your daily encounters use the parts to which your inner guidance responds with: ‘This makes sense; it is the truth.’ That’s the only way anything can become part of your truth and spiritual property, the only things you can take with you into Eternity.

‘In your role as aspiring healer and lightbringer you are meant to add your own reflections and insights onto the knowledge that has come your way on the road of your own healing journey. Share it with as many as possible, so they too can find out how to help themselves overcome their difficulties. Do your best to walk your talk and distribute nothing but the truth the way you understand it, like we are doing. Not merely dabbling at spirituality but seriously devoted to this pathway of life. This enables God and the Angels to work through you and do whatever is necessary for the blessing and healing of every part of your world.

‘When you work in this manner, nothing but the truth can return to you. Through this the truth becomes ever more powerful in your world. As it spreads and gets an ever firmer grip on your race’s individual and collective consciousness, it grows into an increasingly dominant force that slowly but surely absorbs more and more of the remaining untruths, lies and deceptions of your world into itself and transforms them into blessing and healing energies that flow to wherever they are needed.

‘Your most urgent requirement for the ascent of the spiritual mountain of earthly life are steadfastness and perseverance. These characteristics are taught by Saturn, the co-ruler with Uranus of Aquarius. Saturn represents the aspect of the Divine stern schoolmaster. Teaching humankind the skills of self-discipline and self-mastery over the drives and urges of their lower earthly nature is the main task of its energies. They are the keeper of the gate to the Aquarian Age. For every human being Saturn’s role in the end changes from that of the teacher into the rewarder, who bestows its finest gift upon anyone who freely and willingly submits themselves to its demands and shows that it has learnt its lesson by constantly practising the Saturnian skills.

‘One of Saturn’s most outstanding qualities is a natural ability to work your way patiently and steadily, hand over hand and with the necessary caution, towards a distant goal. Your whole world’s goal is to evolve into a place where honesty and truth rule supreme, and all nations and their people live together in peace and harmony. Saturn supplies you with the perseverance and stamina it will take to make this dream a reality on the Earth.

‘Because Saturn is also the planet of Karma, many of you have brought their most ancient karmic debts with them, in the hope of being able to redeem them. That is why so many of you are struggling under this burden. But we are here to help; all you have to do is ask. Nothing but keeping on keeping on is good enough for any of you, irrespective of what events may still have to take place in your world for the individual and collection making good of your karmic debts. Some of them could have been incurred thousands of lifetimes ago during the earliest stages of your earthly education. Their redemption had to wait for the time when you had become sufficiently evolved and therefore strong enough to cope with what your life was presenting to you. If this applies to you, keep on keeping on, safe in the knowledge that things are going to come right for you in the end. You will then be able to see for yourself that every bit of your present efforts and possibly sacrifices has been well worth making.

‘Experienced and highly evolved souls for their final lifetime on the Earth choose a pathway that is strongly under the influence of the Saturnian energies. Their birthcharts reflects this. The result is a difficult one that is strewn with the rocks and boulders of constant tests and trials that are coming your way. When you are working your way through one after the other, your earthly self finds it hard to accept that you yourself chose this road. You ask yourself: ‘How could I?’ But it is the truth nonetheless. This particular pathway was suggested to you by the wise ones in charge of you in our world. You agreed because you then knew that if you mastered such a lifetime, you would prove that you are ready to be released from the lessons of earthly life and being released into continuing your studies by exploring more advanced levels of life.

‘You were unafraid because you knew that the Angels and other spirit guides and helpers would be with you to show the way and that whenever things turned out to be too difficult to cope on your own and you could do with some help, all you had to do was ask for it. Unfortunately, your earthly self was unaware of these things when it entered into its next lifetime and it would take a long time until it became aware of them again. That’s how it came about that you yourself chose Saturn as your main teacher.

‘We have come to help you understand that this was an exceedingly wise choice, as nobody enters into the Aquarian age’s freedom from oppression and yokes of all kinds, especially religious ones, without first having acquired Saturn’s sterling characteristics. To assist you with this task, ever since our entry into the new age, God and the Angels through the energies of Saturn and Uranus have been working with steadily increasing strength to bring about the necessary changes in the individual and collective consciousness of your world. They are also providing a plentiful supply of the required courage and strength.

‘The Age of Pisces by now lies well behind you. It has been a time of lies and deceptions, violence and crime, warmongering and unspeakable cruelty of human beings towards each other, especially in the name of religion – not of God. That’s a concept the main religions of your world fail to understand to this day. Everything that happened has prepared your world for the new religion of the Age of Aquarius:

There is only one religion, the religion of love.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race and chosen people, the whole of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.
They are the Holy Trinity who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

‘Even though this religion is based on Christianity’s Jesus legend, God’s sacred wisdom and truth cannot to be found in its surface words, but has always been hiding in the higher esoteric meanings behind them. What you are looking at is not really a religion but an abiding faith that is based on a deep inner knowing of the truth and a trust in the goodness of life which is indestructible and cannot be harmed or destroyed, not even shaken, by anyone or anything.’

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7 Sep, 2018
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