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Killer Move 1/3
Killer Move 1/3

Killer Move 1/3

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The crowd is dead silent, mostly because there is no crowd. I sit here silently in a room surrounded by two-way glass like a criminal waiting to be interrogated. Sitting right across from me is a panicked man frantically destroying the chess board in front of me.

"You son of a bitch! I'm going to die because of you!" The man quickly jumps out of his chair and tackles me to the ground. He grips my neck with his hands and began crushing my neck, until I heard a loud noise fill my ears with ringing pain.

In a span of a few seconds the man went from being the attacker to a stone dead carcass lying in a pool of his own blood.

I turned to my left to see a man wearing an expensive suit with his gun aimed at the dead man. "Apologies Mr. Walker, the cleanup got a little messier than I anticipated." Said the man with an eloquent and refined tone. He offered me his hand, in which I immediately accepted and pulled me up from the floor.

The man smiled and said "Congratulations on your victory, I certainly hope it won't be the last." The man then escorted me out of the room and into a hallway with white identical doors, and in the end is an open entrance with a glowing green sign that reads "Cafeteria"

The man led me towards the cafeteria where all the other victors are gathered. The room fell dead silent when they the man enter the cafeteria, they looked at me with dead eyes and frowns on their faces. The man smiled and waved as he exited. I immediately approached the table where people were gathered.

"Who did you kill?" The blonde teenaged girl wearing a red hoodie asked. The people around turned their eyes at me. I stare at the blood stains covering my black shirt, and replied "Just some guy" The people erupted into laughter. "For real? I would have thought you killed an ex mobster or something." Said the man wearing a red Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts.

That's right, we all knew what we were getting into, an extreme chess tournament where the winner gets his freedom and a million dollars, and the losers die. These people are probably high-stakes gamblers, Ex-Forgers and Hardened criminals, In contrast to these people I'm just an average guy who works at a Kwik-E Mart downtown.

"Hey, 16th place! What's your name" Asked the girl. "Nick Walker. And why 16th place" I replied. The girl smiled and said "Because out of 32 people you're the 16th and the last person to survive the first round. You should be happy" What the hell? 16 people already died? What have I just gotten myself into.

Author Notes: Okay hello again! I'm very sorry for a not writing for about 5 months. I promise I will release more chapters and actually finish a series.

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5 Mar, 2021
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2 mins
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