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Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power


Because spiritually we are all one and everybody has their allocated place in the great web of life, we are here together to grow and evolve, and so that we can help each other to constantly find a new understanding of the spiritual concepts that come our way. Through the learning from everybody’s own personal experiences, and from those of our world, the knowledge we have been gathering has constantly expanded our individual and collective consciousness. To my mind, the finest thing the Universe can bestow upon any one of us is the gift of an open mind.

Barbara Kingsolver writes in her ‘The Poisonwood Bible’: ‘Every life is different, because you passed this way and touched history.’ Forget about begrudging any of your experiences, be thankful for them instead. Hasn’t each one of them added to the great prosperity of the wealth of wisdom of the whole of Creation? And the final aim of our sojourns on the Earth plane is that we should become empowered to act as channels, through which the Divine blessing and healing power of the Highest can flow into everything that is in our world and all worlds.

It has been said that knowledge is power. Indeed this is true, though it depends on what power means to you. When God said: ‘Let there be light!’ the Great wisdom was saying to humankind: ‘Go out into the world, live your lives and gather knowledge, each through their own experiences. For knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness to the human soul.’ When we recognise that becoming a healer in our own right is the true reason for being in this life and we accept the responsibility of sharing our ever increasing spiritual knowledge with others, we take possession of our personal power and can then make a conscious decision that we wish to act as light bringers and seed carriers for all humankind.

Through the illumination we are finding the power is put into everybody’s own hands to do their share of overcoming the darkness of ignorance that still keeps large parts of our world in a kind of deathly shroud. Each one of us in their own right has the power to overcome all cruelty and violence in our world. And like any journey of a thousand miles, this one begins with one vital step – as the Chinese proverb says – and that a conscious decision of how, from this very moment onwards, we shall react and behave, in any given situation. Try it for yourself and see how truly empowering that is! Making wise decisions and choices are the power tools the Universe is now placing into everyone’s own hands to work with, until every last shred of the darkness that still is in our world has been overcome.

The most vital step for every soul on its journey of healing and home-coming, which is this lifetime, is the re-awakening to the knowledge of our true nature. Everything else falls into place from there. For how can anyone go home, without knowing where that is? The finding of such knowledge in itself and the realisation that our world is but a cultural illusion gets the healing process going. Knowing and accepting that everything that ever happened in our world, to us personally and as a race, did so for specific and wise evolutionary purposes, in itself brings a measure of inner peace. And that is but one of the first steps towards the major change of consciousness, the quantum leap of faith and trust, we and our world have for aeons been waiting for.

It needs bearing in mind though that none of us in this existence can ever have any true power; that belongs to God alone. The only power worth striving for to my mind is getting to know our true Self and our true nature, because this empowers us to rise above the drives and urges of our small earthly self. Instead of giving in to them and acting them out, as we are likely to have done many times in the past, we need to seek the advice of our inner teacher, our Highest or God Self, to show us ways of overcoming them. Only when that has been achieved and the channel of the small earthly self has been cleansed so much that it has freed itself from all its fears and anxieties, can the true power of the Highest work through us in an unhindered flow.

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6 Aug, 2020
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3 mins
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