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Knowledge – The Light Of Our World
Knowledge – The Light Of Our World

Knowledge – The Light Of Our World


Knowledge – The Light Of Our World

Everything in the whole of Creation is energies and vibrations and consists of the dualities and polarities of opposing forces. God’s words in the Creation story: ‘Let there be light!’ have two different meanings, as befits the dual nature of the Divine. It was the Great Father’s pure thought on its own that created the first rays of light. By the power of its will the thought decreased the vibrations of the light until the first bit of matter began to form. Earth and Water appeared and together they became clay that could be shaped and moulded into the forms of the creative ideas conceived by the mind of the Highest.

This is how the masculine aspect of the Divine created itself a feminine counterpart, the Great Mother through whom all life is given. When the time for creating physical bodies for human spirits had come, the Divine breathed a spark of its own light, the Christ Spirit, only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother, into one of the animal forms that had already been created through the process of evolution on the Earth. Lo and behold! They came alive and started to move about.

In the long course of their evolution, the Angels from time to time provided them with myths and legends to assist them with becoming aware of the spiritual background of life. That’s where they are at work and from the moment of the creation of our race have been taking care of each one of us. When the energies of the Aquarian age were slowly beginning to seep into the consciousness of our world, the legend of the Lord Buddha’s life was given to bring new light, i.e. increased spiritual understanding to Asia. The Jesus legend served this purpose for the Western World. It was designed as a channel through which the love, wisdom and healing power of the true Christ, the Cosmic Universal Christ, could slowly start to enter our race’s individual and collective consciousness. Now that we have actually reached the new age, it is becoming ever clearer that the Universal Christ, the only bon Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life is the true light of our world. His/Her Church is the Universal Church of the whole of Creation and its ancient wisdom and truth is that of the Cosmic forces.

The angelic hierarchy has been bringing parts of the ancient wisdom to us and our world with the help of the many myths and legends that have been appearing throughout the ages. None of the religions and belief systems that developed around any one of them possessed a monopoly of Divine wisdom and truth, but each has always contained small nuggets of it. It’s just that for a long time they had to remain carefully hidden behind the surface words of the various tales. But now at last, we are ready to dig for gold and extract more and more of these gems. My writings are part of this process, so they can be joined together like precious pearls on a string that provide us and our world with a new understanding and a fresh outlook on life. This is done in the hope of bringing a much needed renewal of hope, faith and trust in the goodness of life and the One who created it.

Earthly human minds are logical and analytical, tending to separate us from things and each other. And because the old religions of our world were of the mind, each new one that appeared separated us even further from each other. Every new legend about a great teacher or prophet that was presented to our world presented humankind with a fine tool for creating ever more divisions. This reached new heights – or depths, depending which way one looks at it – with the appearance of a tale that there once had been as great spiritual Master by the name of Jesus, who had walked among us.

The esoteric truth behind the surface words of the Jesus story is trying to explain to us in simple words the many initiations which every human soul on the Earth plane in the fullness of time has to experience. The Jesus legend was a way of introducing some of the Great Cosmic truths to our race’s evolving consciousness. When looked at from the right angle, it can provide us with many pointers as to how we are meant to develop the higher and highest aspects of our nature and evolve into a Christed one in our own right. This is required from each one of us eventually because that is the only way of returning into the oneness with God.

We are in this world to learn how to become a healer of ourselves, each other and our world. And the wonders and miracles depicted in the Jesus legend are demonstrations of what the Universe will eventually be able to work through each and every one of us. But take not of what St. John 5:30 tells us: ‘I can do nothing on my own. I judge as God tells me. Therefore, my judgment is just, because I carry out the will of the one who sent me, not my own will.’ That should leave no-one in doubt that even Master spirits and souls have no power to perform miracles on their own and that they need the help of God and the Angels, just the same as all of us lesser mortals do.

John 14: 11-12 tells us: ‘Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me or at least believe because of the works themselves. Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.’ The Universal Christ has been communicating with us through all the myths and legends our world has ever seen. S/He now is now revealing the esoteric meaning behind the above teaching as follows: ‘If you develop your higher nature by walking in my footsteps and following my example, you will be come a Christ and a light of your world, in your own right. God and the Angels can then work through you and perform similar wonders and even greater miracles than those depicted in the legend of my life.

‘The time has come for humankind to wake up to the fact that nobody can be saved by merely going to church on Sundays and saying that they believe I really once existed and walked the Earth among human beings, because I never did. I hate to disappoint those who think that’s all they have to do for me to save and redeem themselves, whilst continuing to their heart’s contents with their dishonesty and deceptions, for example handing out and accepting bribes, lying and cheating, stabbing people in the back and killing them, if that fits into the plans of someone’s earthly desire nature.

‘The law of life is love and no matter which religion anyone uses as an excuse for committing crimes of any kind against humankind, each one is a trespass against this law, the law of the Great Father/Mother of all life. And because God is part of you, the scales of Divine justice are exceedingly accurate – they know no error. And it makes no difference whether you believe the things you are hearing here or not. The truth is that every one of your transgressions of past lifetimes and this one has been written in the great book of life, the Akashic Records. Every event of all your lifetimes is recorded there, good, bad and indifferent all alike. The Angels known as the Lords of Karma are in charge of these records and it is their responsibility to make sure that even the last shred of anyone’s transgressions and sins is made good by the perpetrator sometime, if not in this lifetime then in future ones. They will then find themselves at the receiving end of crimes that are similar to those that were once committed by them. Without the spiritual knowledge that can be found here, they may have no idea of what is happening to them and why.

‘Young and inexperienced souls conveniently overlook and skip over the most basic tenets of their religion, for example ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill!’ That way no-one ever got to Heaven, the highest levels of life, to live with me. However, wise and more mature souls no longer need things like the ten commandments because their souls have learnt through the first hand experiences of their earthly selves what happens each time one of God’s laws is transgressed and a sin committed. Being aware that knowledge is power, whenever they are hearing and reading something that is new to them, wise ones pay attention to their inner guidance to show them whether that which is before them is true.

‘This enables them to react to the events in their lives in the spiritually right way. And that’s how the Universal Forces are now laying the tool for saving and redeeming yourself into the hands of those who are ready to receive it. The outcome of everything depends on the way you react to the things that are happening to you at any given moment. It is entirely up to you whether or not you use the power of the knowledge you now possess to make into an instrument for saving and redeeming yourself. As ever, the choice is yours.’

The faith of the New Age is going to be of the heart. It is an intuitive way of knowing, feeling and experiencing our world with a love that unites and draws together that which became divided. Fortunately it could never do this in our true spiritual reality, only in our earthly minds. There could be no better tool for explaining the energies of this loving process than astrology. In the zodiac Aquarius and Leo are in polar opposition to each other. Aquarius is an Air sign, therefore intellectual and of the mind, though in this case not of the earthly mind on its own, but in collaboration with the Universal intelligence of the Highest. Leo, the Fire sign, rules the heart. Living completely in the extremes of either sign leaves us lopsided and out of balance. The same as in all aspects of life, the point of equilibrium is halfway between the two. Striving to find it develops what is known as the mind in our heart and that’s the only place in the whole of Creation where truth really is known.

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1 Mar, 2019
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