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Learning to Ask for Help
Learning to Ask for Help

Learning to Ask for Help


Learning To Ask For Help

There is no doubt in my mind that there is a great plan for all life and within its framework a smaller one for each one of us. What’s in it is decided by us together with the wise ones in charge of us in the spirit world, our true home, long before our entry into each new earthly lifetime. Nobody forces us to venture forth into another one. We ourselves decide when we are ready and which life lessons we feel strong enough to tackle and what kind of a road we wish to travel.

The Angels and Masters, and other spirit guides, friends and helpers in the background of earthly life are responsible for our individual spiritual development and that of our world. They are watching and observing at all times what kind of progress any one of us is making on their predestined pathway. We are allowed to veer off a certain distance to its right or left. But whenever we are in danger of straying too far so that insufficient attention is paid to the life lessons we have chosen, something happens that nudges us – if need be not all that gently – back into the position we are currently meant to occupy.

No-one is on a different pathway from ours. Although for a long time we are unaware of this as earthlings, every one of us will eventually find their way back home into the oneness with God. And the only way of getting there is through bringing forth our own Christ nature and that means the best and the highest that is within us. Through lovingly unselfishly serving all life to the best of our ability, giving freely of the gifts the Universal Force has bestowed upon us, our vibrations become ever more ethereal, tuned into and at one with the higher and eventually the Highest realms of life.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of group efforts through friendship and siblinghood with all life. It’s inevitable that in any kind of community we go on each other’s nerves sometime. Wise ones see incidents of this nature as opportunities for smoothing the rough corners of their earthly nature. As often as necessary, they remind themselves that the purpose of humankind’s earthly existence is learning to love wisely, the way God loves us. This makes it easier for them to respond to any kind of hurt and misunderstanding the Divine way by forgiving and continuing to love the other one regardless of what happened.

Through their own experiences wise ones learn that loving God’s way is by no means a sign of weakness but one of strength. True love is not some kind of soppy feeling, but shows itself as goodness, friendliness and kindness. Loving God’s way means to understand and sympathise with every one of our siblings in the great family of life, in their joy as much as in their sorrow. The wise ones behind the scenes of earthly life love to watch how we, their siblings on this side of the veil of consciousness, are enjoying the Universe’s gifts of conversation and humour, music and literature, and all other expressions of friendship. These things are of great importance on the spiritual journey up the evolutionary spiral of life.

The gift of friendship is most valuable whenever one of us has to deal with some particularly difficult obstacles. It’s natural that we hate them like poison. But although the events are not at all what anyone wants, the Lords of Karma at any given time are bringing us exactly what we need, and the Universal laws ensure that at all times we are treated with utter fairness and justice. Whether we like it or not, it’s during times of strife and struggle that life itself is teaching us some of our most valuable lessons. Without them we would not grow in understanding and wisdom and our consciousness could not expand. For example, we would never have found out that anything that seems like the end in truth is always a new beginning.

Alas, for as long as we remain unaware of God’s true nature and our own and our special relationship with God, things have to get to a desperate state before we finally go down on our knees and pray that someone, somewhere ‘out there’ should come to our assistance. From the moment we are born into our first lifetime as a physical being, every human spirit and soul is restlessly searching to find a way home into the world of light and the oneness with its Creator. But only one road can take us there and that means first we have to dive into the darkest and deepest recesses of the human part of the ocean of life, so that we may learn from our experiences there.

In spite of the impression that we have to do this on our own, the God aspect of our being, our Highest Self, walks before us, so to speak. When the time is right, it lights the way back out of the wilderness and general spiritual desert of the initial part of our earthly life. This is how gradually, step by step and lifetime after lifetime, our God Self draws us up the evolutionary spiral of life. From the exploration of the lowest aspects of our nature, we slowly proceed forwards and upwards. This continues until we have become familiar with every part of our being and have become a light and a shining star on the Earth plane in our own right. The earthly self has evolved into a Christed one when its energies have become so refined that they are in harmony and at one with its God Self.

The discovery that God is part of us and we are part of God, and that on the inner level of life there is no separation and all is one, is one of the major quantum leaps that takes us closer to this destiny. On our way there it is essential to become aware that our thoughts are by no means secret, as we would like to think. On the inner level of life it is as if we were shouting them from the rooftops. And that shows that all our prayers are heard by the wise ones in charge of us, who are beavering away on our behalf in the background of earthly life to fulfil our wishes, whenever possible. It’s just that sometimes when we ask for something, for our own protection and highest good, the reply has to be a firm and decisive: ‘No!’

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1 Oct, 2018
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