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Learning to Control Our Minds
Learning to Control Our Minds

Learning to Control Our Minds


Learning To Control Our Minds

As we know by now, thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. Our thoughts create our reality and as we think, so we become. Every thought we send into the Universe goes round in a circle and eventually returns to us in some form. In our ignorance of these things, each one of us has done their share of creating the present state of our world. Wise ones are aware of this and have no problems recognising that they are responsible for the state of our world and that if they wish the Earth to become a more peaceful and pleasant place for all, they have to think of ways of making it so.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air signs. All of them serve the development of our earthly minds and each one of them does so in a different way. Aquarius offers many opportunities for attuning the transmitter/receiver station of our earthly minds to the mind of the Highest. Each one of us is destined to evolve into a channel through which the wisdom and truth of the Divine expresses itself and enters our world. Now that the Age of Aquarius is with us, the main attention of our evolutionary development is on this aspect of our nature.

There are two streams of consciousness in our world, a positive and constructive one of light and understanding, as well as a negative, dark and destructive one of fear and distrust. Do you sometimes get a sneaking feeling that our world has become place where only bad news is good news and that the news media, without being aware of what they are doing, are constantly adding to the negative stream? I believe that refusing to give way to taking part in any kind of negativity is of the utmost importance for aspiring healers and lightbringers. Rather than adding to the clouds of darkness and ignorance that surround us and our world by watching and listening to the news, it is our duty to do all we can to counteract the clouds of darkness and do our share of dissolving them.

We are responsible for what we allow our earthly minds to be filled with. I like to know what is happening in our world and therefore listen to the news once or twice each day, rather than every hour and on the hour like the BBC presents them. I pay attention until they deteriorate into what I call ‘the rape and murder cast’. At that moment I exercise my freedom of choice, reach for the ‘off’ button and think to myself: ‘This too is part of the great plan of life and rests in Your loving hands.’ There is no doubt in my mind that’s what it is.

Before opening a newspaper or watching videos on the internet, I remind myself that no-one can force anyone to read or listen to anything. For me this is the best way of protecting my mind against being bombarded with and penetrated by all the negativity our sensationalistic and media-orientated outer world is constantly trying to pump into our individual consciousness and that of the collective.

Whenever I find out that I have been missing something, my friends are happy to tell me whatever is important to them. There is nothing new under the Sun and all the things that are presently taking place in our world are sure to have done so in the past. The trouble with the technological advances of our time is that reports about them can now be served almost instantly to all who are willing to pay attention. The most lurid sensations are the best fillers of air time and sellers of newspapers.

As I prefer quality of information rather than quantity, I switch off. And if you do the same, please do yourself the favour of refusing to indulge in a guilt trip for what you are doing. Instead, be happy and rejoice, because increasing numbers of people round our world are doing the same. Think of how environmentally friendly your behaviour is and give yourself a pat on the back. Reflect on the amounts of energy you are saving in the course of a year and the forests that do not have to be chopped down because of you and all those like-minded souls round the world. Feel good about yourself and the things you are doing to help our planet in its struggle against exploitation of its precious resources through over-consumerism. Let those who are addicted to the news not fool themselves into thinking that this issue is unimportant. It is, because we are all responsible not only for our thoughts and our world, but also – as mentioned earlier – for what we allow our minds to be filled with.

More imperative still is that as awakened ones we set a good example by not dwelling on unpleasant and chaotic conditions in the world around us. Are we not privileged indeed to know that, in spite of whatever may still have to happen, there is a great plan of life and that the reigns for the whole of creation rest safely in the loving hands of the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Father/Mother of all life, the Great White Spirit?

All who once spent some of their lifetimes in the Native American tradition, as many in our midst are likely to have done, know how in those days the Great Spirit was worshipped by all. We were aware then, as we are now, that this is the Source of all being, the One from whom – with the help of the Angels – all blessings of the material plane life are constantly coming forth, including every human life. The One has always been providing us with the spiritual strength and sustenance that was required to learn our earthly lessons and carry out any special assignments that have been allocated to us.

We are part of God as much as God is part of us. The Highest levels of life communicate with us through our intuition. This is known as the living God within, who knows the way of all things and the answers to any question we may ever care to ask. Whenever we do so with our earthly mind, the answer from our spirit mind comes immediately. There is no need to ask anyone else. We do well to practise this constantly, so that slowly but surely our earthly mind knows that our higher spirit self is always there to show us the way in all things and supply us with honest and truthful answers at any given moment.

Throughout the ages there have been people who became inspired without at first being aware of what was happening to them. Speaking and writing intuitively they receive their information without studying books. With the passing of time they found out that all outer manifestations of life are reflections of the realities of their inner counterparts and that this applies to human thinking as much as it does to anything else in the whole of Creation. It is not the physical brain alone that does the thinking, for the simple reason that nothing in earthly life exists and can function on its own.

Without the spiritual forces in its background creating and supporting the physical plane of life there would be nothing. Naturally, this also applies to humankind’s mental capacities. No earthly self on its own could ever bring itself into being. Never mind Earth life, without the help of our Highest spirit Self and our constant companions, the Angels and Masters, friend and helpers in the world of light, there would be no physical life anywhere in the Cosmos. The angelic hierarchy is in charge of the great plan of life and responsible for its smooth running, at all times. They are the ones who bring us into earthly life and place us in the right spots and relationships, so we can attend to our life lessons and fulfil our Karmic obligations.

Some of us developed the ability to act as channels of the Divine in previous lifetimes. They have come into this one to practise and polish this artform to a high sheen by humbly serving the Highest Forces of life. It is likely that they were scribes in far distant lifetimes, who abused their gift for selfish purposes like seeking to dominate people by frightening them out of their wits, so that they could be exploited more readily.

Anyone who took part in such things, and there have been many, by now have learnt their lessons. They are here to nail the desires of their small lower self and its fears to the cross of earthly life by placing them into the hands of the Highest. But because of the suffering they once caused others, they could have a slow, painful and protracted struggle with this aspect of their being on their hands, not as some kind of punishment, but as the redemption of their Karma and to restore the balance of their spiritual account.

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16 Nov, 2018
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