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Learning To Love God
Learning To Love God

Learning To Love God


Learning To Love God

Some believe that life stops at the moment of physical death and that it is a one-off thing. Wise ones, however, appreciate that in truth life is eternal, constantly moving forwards and upwards on a never-ending evolutionary spiral and that therefore there is no death. Just think: when you entered into your present earthly lifetime you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Your turn for happiness comes when you depart from this life and the ones around you, who cannot yet appreciate what is really happening to you, are crying and may have to linger in their spiritual darkness until their time for joining you in the world of light has come.

The essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the StarLink Message January 2012: ‘Your loved ones who have left the earthly plane of life have not gone from you. They are by no means dead, but alive and well in the world of light, our realm. That’s where all human spirits are constantly dwelling. It’s just that from time to time a small part of it ventures forth into earthly life where it inhabits a physical body that serves as a vehicle for getting around and experiencing its new environment. This body is equipped with a rational and logical mind that has very limited horizons that separate the earthly part from the spirit aspect of its being. During the early stages of its earthly education this small self can not yet peer beyond the end of its nose.

‘For a long time the lower mind is focused on coming to grips with earthly terms only. In this state of ignorance the spiritual side of life is dismissed out of hand. Everything that cannot be seen, weighed and measured is rejected as humbug and imaginations. Yet, through the learning the earthly self gains from its own experiences it slowly grows in wisdom and understanding. With the passing of time over many lifetimes the vision of its consciousness gradually expands. At a certain point of its development the spirit nature of the small self stirs from its slumbers and it begins to take an interest in the spiritual aspects of life. Eventually, it comes to terms with the meaning of the concept of God as the eternal spirit, who has brought everything that exists anywhere into being.

‘This awakening brings the understanding that the spirit realm is not somewhere ‘out there’ but on the inner level of Earth life and that in this world there is no separation between anything. And that’s where, in your quiet reflections and meditations, you can contact your loved ones through the power of thought. This enables you to see for yourself that what we are saying is true and that life really is eternal. Because each one of you is a spark of God’s great light and having been created by Its eternal spirit, it could not be any other way.

‘God is love and the law of life is love and if you wish to know God, all you have to do is be yourself and conduct your life with love, for that is your true and eternal nature. God is in everything and everyone, including you. If you treat everything that is in your life with the love and respect it deserves, you are paying homage to the Great Father/Mother of all life and His/Her Creation. On the higher and highest levels of life death does not exist and that’s where your loved ones are now. Once your loving thoughts have connected you with each other, there will no longer be any doubt in your mind that you will always be together.

‘That’s when for you the time has come to comprehend that all healing consists of taking into your physical bodies the radiance of the eternal Sun, the Sun behind and above the Sun in the sky above the Earth. Each one of you has been granted the gift of another lifetime so that you may learn how to call upon this light and live by it. When you consciously breathe it in, ever more of God’s light can enter the cells of your physical body and control them. We suggest that you breathe this light in for the healing of every aspect of your own being, mind and body, spirit and soul, and breathe it out as your contribution to the restoration of your whole world.

‘At the beginning of everyone’s earthly existence the atoms of this body are so heavy and the pull of matter and material life is so strong that you temporarily forget about the existence of the light of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life and its power to re-create, heal and make good whatever is in need of it throughout the whole of Creation. Naturally, this also applies to you and the cells of your body.’

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24 Aug, 2019
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