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Learning To Tap Into The Inner Wellspring
Learning To Tap Into The Inner Wellspring

Learning To Tap Into The Inner Wellspring


Reflections On Growing Older – Part Four

Learning To Tap Into The Inner Wellspring

Our spirit and soul and our Highest or God Self is our inner being. Yet, this is not something we have, it’s what we are. All human beings in earthly life are a spirit and soul, who one lifetime after another find themselves temporarily encased in a physical body. With the passing of time this body wears out and in due course is handed back to the Earth. It decays and its components return to the Earth and are recycled, as all earthly things must. In contrast to this spirit and soul are immortal and eternal. They are part of God and like God they have no age and cannot die.

Yet, because God is in everything and without God there can be no life, it would be a mistake to say that our small earthly self and its outer shell are not Divine. Every cell, atom and molecule of physical matter that exists in the whole of Creation was brought into being by the Great Father/Mother of all life. It has been created from the light of the Highest Star and the Greatest Light of all, the Christ Star, who is the only born Son/Daughter of the Holy Trinity. All life and lifeforms are imbued with Its essence. Read more about this in ‘The Story Of The Creation’ by following the relevant link at the end of this article.

For a long time the earthly self cannot recognise its inner light. To paraphrase St John 1:5: ‘And the Light shines in the darkness, but the darkness does not comprehend it.’ It takes many lifetimes before the lower self becomes aware of the presence of this its inner wellspring of the creative ideas of God, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, and the wisdom and love of the Goddess, the Great Mother of all life, its feminine counterpart. The Mother is the soul of the whole of Creation and the memory bank of every bit of knowledge that was ever gathered anywhere.

The combination of these two energies is the eternal wellspring every one of us eventually learns to tap into it, so we can be used as a channel for the blessings and the Highest to pour through us into our world. The Angels are in charge of every human being’s spiritual development and that of our whole world. They alone know how much of the Divine wisdom and truth should be revealed intuitively to us at any given time, so that through us it may find its way into our world. They decide what kind of tale would be most suitable to teach our race the lessons we require at any given time. That’s how all the myths and legends of our world once came into being, including the tale of the Master Jesus’ life. And even the last and slowest learners recognise in the end that such stories should not be taken literally but perceived as metaphoric tales that are supercharged with symbolisms. These people too one day will understand that God never was an influence somewhere ‘out there’, but has always been an inner experience, waiting to be discovered.

Our conscious and subconscious mind as well as our super-conscious faculties are facets of our complete consciousness. When the inner and outer parts of their being has grown into one, they have evolved into a Christed one in their own right. The earthly conscious mind was created by the inner being focussing its attention constantly on the outer world and trying to come to terms with it through our physical brain and senses. All of us eventually need to train our earthly minds to take its attention away from the outer world and direct it ever more onto our inner being, so its resources can be accessed. Here alone can we find the wisdom, understanding and strength we require on our journey forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Our inner connection links us with the Universe and the spiritual life that is constantly beavering on our behalves in the background of our earthly existence. Ultimately, this part of us connects us with the infinite being of the Great Father/Mother of all life.

We are performers on the great stage of earthly life whose inner being, the Highest or God Self, together with the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of light, acts like backstage technicians who ensure that every performance of ours gets the required support so that things happen on cue. The wisdom and knowledge of the Universe is unlimited and every part of it becomes available to us, as soon as we learn to tune the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind into our Creator’s superconscious mind. If something appears to be missing for one of our stage appearances, the only thing we have to do is make our intention known to the Angels by asking for their help.

Our inner being runs the biological systems of our physical body without any conscious effort from our small earthly self. This is astonishing enough in itself, but the inner being knows a great deal more than that. It can provide us with the answers to anything we shall ever want to know. All we need to do is ask our questions and then silence our conscious mind sufficiently, so that the Angels can respond through our inner guidance, the small still voice within. Becoming consciously aware of the true nature of our being and the presence of our Highest Self and learning to tap into its resources of wisdom, understanding and strength, dissolves the limitations that for a long time have been restricting the growth of humankind’s spiritual nature. The knowledge we are now allowed access to is meant to provide ever more of us with the key for unlocking their own full human potential and through this that of our world.

When our inner doors begin to swing open, we need to build external outlets through which the results of our creative efforts can flow into our world. In this way we can do our share of making it into a more beautiful and peaceful place for all. And because every one of God’s powers and characteristics is also in us, we don’t need to become empowered, we already are. We merely have to stake our claim, take possession of our inner riches and manifest them in earthly life, so that the Divine light and power can flow unhindered into everything we touch. Each time we send Its radiance, power and love into our world and share them with as many as possible, our own body of light increases in brightness and strength. This is the body we shall need to get around on the higher levels of life. It’s one of the bodies that are worn underneath or rather within the outer protective shell of the physical body that allows us to experience earthly life. In due course this body will no longer be required.

The German Theologian Albert Schweitzer, 1875-1965, wrote: ‘At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.’ Through hearing or reading someone’s words the light of our inner candle can only be sparked into life when we are ready, i.e. the right moment has come and our energies have become sufficiently receptive to enable us to understand that which we are attracted to. Many in our world have reached this evolutionary point and are waiting for our gifts that herald a renewal of faith and trust in the goodness of life, gives them new hope and helps them to find peace of mind. These things provide them with the energy they need for their own efforts of establishing God’s Kingdom in earthly life.

God and the Angels are constantly watching, guiding and supporting us, because on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything. That’s why every one of our thoughts, words and actions is known to them. As a result, everyone’s lessons on an ongoing basis are designed in keeping with their individual requirements. This is how we always get what we deserve, no more and no less. But when they now look into the heart and soul of humankind, all they can see is an awakening of a new kind of sweetness that’s invisible to earthly eyes, which is spreading in earthly life. They are observing a rise of courage in people and kindness towards each other, and an ever increasing desire to live in peace, to give of our love to anyone who is in need of it. The Divine will for these things has been slumbering in our own subconscious and that of our world for a long time, but for some time it has been rising ever more forcefully into its conscious awareness and directing the course of people’s lives.

Anyone who has learned to tap into their inner wellspring of creativity and love, and unselfishly serves the good of all by freely sharing their gifts with others, will never suffer from writer’s block. The inner fountainhead is the very source of our being. For a long time this part of us has been working its way into our individual and collective conscious awareness through layer upon layer of the ancient soul memories that are stored in our subconscious. This continues until at last the earthly self becomes aware of the presence of its inner light and that enables it to start working together with it, as best as it knows how to go about it.

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8 Mar, 2019
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