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Let The Children Come To Me
Let The Children Come To Me

Let The Children Come To Me


Judge Not And Ye Shall Not Be Judged – Part Nine

Let The Children Come To Me

St. Matthew 19:13-14: ‘Then the little children were brought to Jesus for Him to place His hands on them and pray for them. And the disciples rebuked those who brought them. But Jesus said: ‘Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them! For the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.’ After all that emerges about the behaviour of those into whose care youngsters were entrusted, what kind of credibility does Christianity have and which parents in their right senses will continue to send their children to be cared for by any organisation that is connected with it?

However, sitting in judgement over those who sinned and condemning them does not get us any further here. The victims could only attract such events into their lives because that’s what they did to others in previous lifetimes. This does not necessarily mean to the same people. Every human encounter creates either a positive or negative bond that is of an emotional nature. Negative ones act like cast iron shackles that chain us together until one of us has forgiven the other. It’s not for nothing that it has been said that to err is human and to forgive Divine. Sinning and misbehaving are essential parts of everybody’s lower earthly nature. True forgiveness that comes from the heart is based on love and understanding and belongs to the realm of our higher or God nature. Forgiving someone does not mean condoning their behaviour. It is a natural progression that has its roots in these two things.

The onus to forgive is on the victim. They usually are the older and more experienced souls and the events are reactions to the suffering they handed out to others in previous lifetimes. This is how the Universal laws, manifestations of God’s never erring justice, return this kind of thing to us when we have become sufficiently evolved and therefore are strong enough to deal with it. Wise ones first forgive themselves for having created the underlying cause of the events, knowing that otherwise they would not have happened. To stop the offence from bouncing to and fro like a yoyo, they then forgive the offender.

True and heartfelt forgiveness is a gift for ourselves as well as the other person, because it sets us free to move on to more elevated lessons of our evolutionary journey. If the offender is a young and inexperienced spirit/soul – and that has nothing to do with the age of their physical body –, they will have to attend to their redemption in one of their coming lifetimes when they have grown strong enough to cope. If the offence took place in childhood, attending to it has to wait until the victim has grown up and has become aware of what’s at stake.

Awareness is the key for unlocking the whys and wherefores of any unfortunate circumstances that arises. For as long as someone lacks the knowledge of the Universal laws and how they affect all life in the whole of Creation, therefore also each one of us, no spiritual progress is possible. We believe that therefore we have no right to withhold this kind of information from anyone. We hope to be able to do our share of fetching Christianity’s skeletons out of the cupboard and through this laying the sad issue of any kind of abuse to rest. Our organisation’s motivation for breaking its silence about the truth and start bringing it to you as best we know how to is that we are doing this not only on behalf of the French Catholic authorities but also for the whole of humankind.

Martin Luther, 1483–1546, was a professor of moral theology at the University of Wittenberg, as well as a composer and priest, monk and leading figure in the movement of the Protestant Reformation. I have a good idea how he must have felt when he nailed his protest theses against the corruption and general moral decay of the Roman church on the doors of Wittenberg’s Castle Church. Like him, I pray that God and the Angels will help me to do my share of transforming our religion into one that really has the power of connecting people with God.

Being aware that everything that happened did so for a wise higher purpose and has been part of God’s great plan of life, I cannot see much point in asking your forgiveness, merely your understanding. How else can the crimes our organisation so methodically inflicted upon humankind in the past in pursuit of suppressing the truth ever be forgiven? If we continued to hide it, we would be guilty of adding insult to injury, when the higher Christ nature of ever more people is waking from its slumbering state. It would also be extremely irresponsible and we do not wish to add the burden of more negative Karma to our spiritual bank account. Its debit side is already loaded far too heavily for our liking.

We no longer have any taste to offend anyone’s intelligence by expecting them to believe that every word of the Jesus story is literally true, because we know that there is no such thing as a stupid human being. Everybody’s earthly mind is part of the intelligence of the Highest, the great mind of God. Each one of us is a receiver/transmitter station for Its ideas. It’s just that some minds are already more highly developed, i.e. evolved. And the only reason why some of us appear to be denser than others is that everybody is presently experiencing an at least somewhat different stage of their spiritual development than everybody else.

We all get where we are meant to be at the end of our earthly education as a Christed one, each in their own right, in whom all characteristics and powers of God are functioning harmoniously as one. Our only interest then is caring for the wellbeing of our whole world. It’s just a question of time – God’s time, not ours. From the evolutionary point we have reached, it is clear that understanding is the key for unlocking the doors to everything that has been puzzling us about our earthly existence and is doing so to this day.

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26 May, 2019
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