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A Letter to Who I Used to Be
A Letter to Who I Used to Be

A Letter to Who I Used to Be

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Dear Me,

You used to be a careless girl. Yet now, you care too much about...everything.

Your hair, your look, your personality. You care too much about what people think of you.

Back when you were a kid, you wore mismatched shoes and clothes. You didnt even give a second thought about other people staring at you. You were being you, and that was all that mattered.

Yet now, you follow trends. Ripped jeans, nice shirts, and always think about how people perceive you.

You're loud and annoying sometimes, yet funny. But I know that is now you. You changed yourself in order to entertain others.

You are kind to everybody, even if they aren't kind back. Back in the good old days, you were mean to mean people, kind to kind people. But now, you swallow and the insults people say behind your back, because you just want them to like you.

And I hate to say this, but you are a murderer.

You killed what used to be you. You shaped yourself into something entirely different. Someone who is sad, but they don't show it. You cover pain in layers and layers of silence and laughs. Layers and layers of lies.

You must stop. What happened to care-free girl? You pushed her out. And now, she is gone.

She will never return.


Author Notes: Thanks to golden for a little inspiration.
Here's are two songs that kinda goes with this poem and the meaning: (quick copy paste)

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23 Mar, 2019
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