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Letting Go Of Our Fears
Letting Go Of Our Fears

Letting Go Of Our Fears


The Source Of My Inspiration – Part Six

Letting Go Of Our Fears

The new understanding that for some time has been coming to us is designed to assist all of us with letting go of and dissolving every one of our fears, especially those of God and death, the future and everything that for wise reasons up to now had to remain unknown and hidden from our earthly self’s view. What we are finding is one of the greatest gifts humankind has ever received from the Highest. It brings us the renewal of hope and faith in the profound goodness of the life the Universal forces with their infinite generosity and kindness are giving us anew with each passing day.

Through the knowledge we are now finding there grows in us a different kind of trust that is no longer based on the wobbly foundation of mere beliefs. This faith is based on a deep inner certainty that grows organically from within, because it is rooted in knowing who we are, what the true purpose of our existence is, where we are coming from and going to, what is expected from us and which role we have to play in God’s great plan of life. Knowing these things slowly but surely helps us to overcome and let go of even the darkest and most threatening of our existential fears.

We only fear that which we fail to understand, but when we at last grasp the true meaning of something we find to our astonishment and delight that there really is nothing to be afraid of. Our inner guidance is there and working with us. Each time we hear or read some positive and constructive approaches to the things we still are fearful of, the small still voice within reacts with: ‘Pay attention to this, it makes sense and that means it’s true!’ It is unlikely that any fear will go immediately, but the more we look into and work with it, the deeper the new knowledge sinks into our consciousness, until with the passing of time it becomes our spiritual property and ours to keep in all Eternity.

This is particularly valuable when it comes to trying to communicate with our loved ones in the world of spirit in an attempt to strengthen the connection of our two hearts. This can be made easier by becoming aware that at all times earthly life is surrounded by worlds that are invisible to earthly eyes and that great oceans are waiting to be explored by us in the later stages of our development. It’s good to talk with our children as early as possible of the presence of these things, as this helps them to remain in touch with the finer ethers of the spirit world, humankind’s true home. Make them familiar with the fact that they only recently left this world and that in due course they will return to it, the same as everybody else. Our spiritual consciousness expands quite rapidly once we come to terms with the forces from the higher and highest realms of life that are constantly at work within and around every one of us.

I hope you will forgive me for returning to the theme of my truth for a moment. I would like you to know that there is no problem for me if your truth is different from mine. This is quite natural when one looks at a theme from a different viewpoint. So, when you are reading something you don’t agree with, why not go within to see what comes to you intuitively? Instead of repeating what someone before us said or wrote, no matter how old and venerable that person is or was and how long ago their teachings appeared, now it is necessary to find out what our own inner guidance has to say about it. Please let me know what your wise one within tells you and I shall listen with great interests. If I receive a reaction of: ‘Yes, this is true!’, I shall happily accept your truth as part of mine.

This is how in the Age of Aquarius the individual and collective consciousness of our world will keep on expanding. And each time you and I are growing in understanding and wisdom, our whole world and even the Universe’s is doing the same. As ever more knowledge arrives through various channels of communication with the Highest, it is highly likely that what we presently know as truth will change. In the same way many of the White Eagle teachings have become outdated and are in need of re-interpretation. Through deep feelings of recognition or otherwise our inner guidance is always waiting to tell us a truth from an untruth, and to discern whether something is right or wrong.

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9 Jul, 2019
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