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Lia - 02 - the Event Manager
Lia - 02 - the Event Manager

Lia - 02 - the Event Manager


As soon as Lia reached the office. She ran to the washroom and started crying, that is "The Lia" for you people. She was really tensed and she was not understanding who was on the call, she did not want to tell to anyone in the office as nobody will believe it and throw her words as a prank.

After some time, she started thinking the reason for dropping tears and didn't get any strong reason. So, she stopped it and concluded the call as a prank call and ignored it. Whole day she was so busy in her work she forgot about it.

In the evening, when she was returning home. She got a call from her event manager. It was a good news, Martha got a gig for her the next Saturday Lia was a budding artist, she loves to sing. She wants to be a performer artist rather than doing a 9 to 5 job. But the reality hits, signing hardly pays her bills. But still she ensures that she makes a priority provision for her love of life, singing and guitar.

As soon she reached home, she requested her mom to prepare a hot tea, picked the guitar and started practicing for the Saturday Night.

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19 Feb, 2020
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