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Life Changing

Life Changing

By Kevin Am - 1 Review

Life was never good for sixteen years old Abby Baker, but it wasn't getting any easier. Her dad left her at the age of two because of another woman. She lived with her younger brother, Quincy. He, on the other hand, was eighteen, he wasn't very popular himself, and he dropped out of school at the age of fifteen to pursue his dream of being in a band. And she has a mother that doesn't really care about the two kids.
“I swear my life is just getting worse each day, Gwen. Help me.” Abby texted to Gwen, her best friend and the only girl with the crush on Quincy older brother.
“Just, come over. I think I know a way to cheer you up,” replied Gwen.
So Abby threw on some clean clothes and headed to Gwen’s house. She walked for about fifteen minutes away from the house and was close enough to Gwen’s house that is was in sight. A car had slowed down on the empty road and said to Abby
“I think you should go home” and once the stranger had said that, he took off as fast as he could. Abby was a bit lost about what had just happened but just continued walking to her friend’s house. Abby and Gwen watched a movie and Abby had thought that it would be a good idea to stay there overnight.
It was 10:00 in the morning and Abby starting to head home. When Abby had entered her neighborhood, she had noticed that there were about six to ten policies and a lot of police tape.

“Excuse me, officer, I live here, what happened, is my family ok?” asked Abby while taking a better look at what had happened inside the house.
“No one was harmed. Your mom went out, and your brother went out with his friends this morning around seven, the same time they called us. Turns out that your family had been robbed” replied the officer while walking into the house.
Without any hesitation, Abby walked away to find his brother, and the placed she searched first was the mall. When she entered the mall, she had bumped into a boy, not just any boy, seventeen years old Cole, a boy she had a crush on at school. They had a long talk, a long enough talk that she had totally forgotten about her brother. She ended the talk when she saw her brother exited the mall. She quickly asked the boy for his number and took off to find her brother.

“QUINCY BAKER!” yelled Abby almost without any air to breath.
“What do you want from me now? You left the house opened when you left yesterday, and now we got robbed,” replied Quincy, turning back to look at Abby.
“My life has already been as bad as it can be. I’ve been bullied for most of life, We lost my father, my mom doesn't care a bit about us, and now my brother is leaving me??” explained Abby while about to break some tears.
“Dude. Your sister is counting on you, and I gotta head home now man, cya” Quincy’s friend telling him the right thing to do.
Then he thought for a while, standing there in the parking lot with her sister.
“ Sorry Ab, you know what, let go and get some food, cause I know you're starving ” apologized Quincy.
‘Thank you.” said Abby with a great smile and walking in for a hug.

After the incident yesterday, the police had now left the house. Then Quincy and Abby went back and gathered all the rest of the money they had left in the safe. They rested in the house for about a month without a mother. And that is when it hit Abby.
“I think we should move Quin, to an apartment in a new neighbourhood. I don't think mom will ever come back, and I don't think that we will survive in this house,” suggested Abby while looking at all the money in her hands.
“You really sure about this? You know there is no going back.” pointed out Quincy
“Yea’’ Replied Abby
“Ehhh... Ok, but first you should find a job so we can live, because then with your money and the money I’ll get in gigs we can make at least a couple hundreds a month. Then we should find an apartment. And lastly, the food” thought Quincy.
With the two working hard to survive life, Abby had thought that it would be best that if quit school. So with the money that Quincy made, and Abby working at a restaurant, they had enough money to buy a house. But about a month later there was a knock on a door.
“Abby, can you get that?!” shouted Quincy, while trying to call his friend for another gig.
“Sure” Shouted back Abby.
While she turned the knob, she had noticed that it was Cole, with the shoes that he wore.
“ Abby? Are you okay?” Cole questioned while the lost face.
“ Uhh. Cole, I’ve dropped out of school to work. I now work to pay for this place, and besides how do you know where I live?” questioned back Abby meanwhile she was about to close the door.
“No, wait. Why did you tell me earlier? I wanna help you. And Gwen told me” replied Cole, taking his foot to stop the closing door.
“You really sure about this?” asked Abby, while opening the door.
“Yea, I'm sure.” replied Cole with the smile on his face.
Now there is two people working together to live and a good friend to help, Abby, working at a restaurant, Quincy, planning more gigs, and Cole, helping Abby with her education. With all of them working together, it will change their life. But then one day something life changing happened.
Quincy was just done planning a huge gig, but while he was walking back to go home, he was listening to music and a truck was coming from around the corner. Then Gwen saw the truck, she dropped her bags and ran as fast as she can, and shoved Quincy to the sidewalk, but then Gwen didn't have enough time to move herself away from the truck.
“NOOOOO!! SOMEONE CALL 911! HELP ME!” shouted Quincy while breaking to tears.
Quincy dashed to Gwen and help her to the sidewalk, with blood spouting out of her hip, and losing all her strength in her body her last words were,
“Rock once Quin….”

And her head and fingers dropped and her body turned cold. With all the fears in Quincy, the only thing he could do was just to rush to the nearest hospital with Gwen on his back.
When the doors opened, Quincy ran as fast as he can to the doctor, and asked,
“Will everything be okay?”
“I'm sorry” replied the doctor. The second he heard the words that came out of his mouth, he dropped to his knees and more tears came out. Quincy walking into the room and took one look at Gwen’s face once and said,
“Why? Why did you do that just for me?.” said Quincy, trying to keep in his tears. Seconds later Quincy texted to Abby and Cole to come to the hospital. As they both came, they broke into tears. Then they all lined up side by side and did the ‘Gwen’s hand logo’ with respect.
With now more days of depression in Abby’s life, she thought that her life couldn't get any worse. But then the phone rang. Abby picked it up, and it said.
“Hello. Are you Abby Baker, and is your brother Quincy Baker?”
“Yea?” she answered in a scared voice.
“Well, Quincy A. Baker had been attacked. So if you don't mind, can you come to the Bilo Hospital.” replied the guy on the other side on the phone.
Before Abby had even let the person finish, she dropped the phone and dashed to the hospital as fast as she could. She ran passed the closing doors and quickly asked where Quincy Baker is. She ran to the room of Quincy and stopped right at the door. She took one look at Quincy and noticed that there were several bandages on his body, and blood stains on his clothes. She walked closer to Quincy and asked what had happened. In a low voice, he said,
“Be careful.” and then fell asleep. Now she had lost her best friend and his brother is now injured, and the only one that Abby can count on now is Cole. Abby had thought and thought about her life. And soon life for her got even worse.
While Abby was walking home, she saw Cole at the top of a building. Abby was scared for what might happen, so she tried to get to the roof. By the time she was there, Cole was on the ledge and looked back at Abby and he said,
“I’m sorry Abby, I just can't live like this anymore. My life is falling apart.”
But then Abby shouted back with no hesitation,
“ O ye, didn't you hear, my brother is in the hospital, I’ve lost my best friend, my mom left me, and I lost my dad at the age of two. Before you do anything like this thing about life, you have so much to live for and remember, there are people out there in this world that is suffering much more than you”

Right after Abby finished, Cole slipped and fell off the ledge. Within a matter of seconds, Abby dashed towards Cole and grabbed his hand. Now Cole is hanging from fifty stories high building, and the thing holding him up was Abby. Abby knew that she didn't have enough strength to pull up Cole, and Abby knew that she just had to try. But then Abby felt something pulling her back, and it was her mom. She pulls Abby back which helped Abby pull Cole up. By the time everyone was safe, Abby’s mom had gave a huge apology to Abby. Then Abby careless took her mom and show what happened to Quincy. She broke into pieces, at that time tears were last of her worries.
Now Abby is living with her mother again. But since Abby’s mom was rich, Abby attended school again and paid Owen for all the help, and paid the doctors so that Quincy would be in better hands and in better condition, and gave more money to Gwen’s family for their loss. Although she helped Abby’s life, she couldn't get back a lost life, and most importantly, family time.
After a few months later, Abby and her mother have been living the life that Abby had always wished for. Then a phone call came, and it said,
“Your brother Quincy is in better shape and he may now go home.”
She dropped the phone and got into her car and drove to the hospital and picked up Quincy. And the family was pretty much perfect.

Now Abby’s life has changed so much that she couldn't believe it herself. She now has the caring mom that she always wanted, her brother is feeling better than ever, Cole is more than a friend now to Abby. Even though she had lost her best friend and doesn't know how it feels to have a real father, she is happy with her life like it is now. It's like a whole new start for Abby. But then the cops knocked on the door, “Is Audrey here?”
“Yes, how may I help you?” asked Abby’s mom.
“You are under arrest for doing overdose drugs and selling drugs illegally.” told her mom while they took out their handcuffs, getting ready to take Audrey to the police car.
“MOM! What's happening?” yelled Abby, getting held back from the cops.
“I’ll be back. Just take care of everyone Ab. replied her mother while getting pushed into the police car.
“NO! YOU CAN'T TAKE HER!’ screamed Abby. While the police took his arm down, Abby ran as fast as she can to the car, but before she can put her hand on the car, the car already took off.
“NOOO!” Screamed Abby, tears, and thoughts went into her mind, and tears dropped to the cold concrete.
“It's okay Abby, she'll be back,” Owen told Abby. With Owen comforting her, she stood up and wrapped her arms around Owen.
The next morning, Abby got in her car and took off. From the city to the countryside, the only thing in Abby’s mind was her mom.
“She has only been with us for a few months, and now she is gone. I really guess that my life can't get any better, well can it?” Abby talked to herself. Turning the car back home ready to go on with life, she stepped on the pedal. Dashing between the lanes to go as fast she can to get rid of all the things that are happening right now. She passed a red light, but the split second she passed the red light, she saw a car coming at her. It rammed into the right side of her car. While Abby's car was flipped over. Quincy drove by and saw Abby. He hit the brakes and got out to help her. Breaking the driver's window and opening the door, he unbuckled the seatbelt and pulled both of Abby's arms. While the gasoline got closer to the engine, Quincy picked up Abby and made a run for it. Abby in Quincy's arms, the car exploited and the both of them fell the sidewalk and Quincy's back. Several people getting out of their car trying to help them by calling the cops and getting Abby off Quincy.
“ Quincy…” said Abby
“Can never leave you alone, now can I?” replied Quincy with a little laughter in him.

With the two of them safe in the hospital, Abby thanked Quincy.
“Are you okay?” asked Quincy while trying to sit up.
“Ye, why would you ask?” replied Abby.
“I don't know, maybe because our mom had to go to jail and that you got hit by a car and almost died,” Quincy added on.
“I don't know man, just a month ago, everything seemed amazing, mom came back, you came out of the hospital and now mom is gone, Gwen is gone and I didn't know how to get my mind off it. So I went a bit faster than the speed limit and I just kept on going faster. But if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here.” spilled Abby.
“Com’on Abby, you have me and Owen, we are family, you can always come to us when need some company or help. Just promise me that you will never do that again.” said Quincy.
“Alright man.” answered Abby with a big smile on her face.
“Are you guys alright?” asked Owen just standing at the door.
“Yea” both Abby and Quincy replied each with a smile.
Owen quickly rushed and helped Quincy get up and got a cup of water for Abby. Then Quincy yanked Owens shirt and pulled his head down and whispered,
“Promise me that if I'm not here make sure you'll take care of Abby no matter what happens”
“ Yes sir,” said Owen feeling all the responsibility.
“Alright, I think Abby found the right man” whispered Quincy while letting him go.
“ Thank you man, that means a lot” replied Owen mid-way giving Quin a hug.
And the two of them granted Owen to do chores for them.

Author Notes: i did in my free time

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Kevin Am
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15 Feb, 2017
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