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Life Without Pain
Life Without Pain

Life Without Pain


The wisdom and love of
The Great Father/Mother of all life
Never promised that Earth life
Would be without pain,
Laughter without sorrow,
Sunshine without rain.

What S/He does guarantee us
Is enough strength for each day,
Comfort for our tears
And light all the way –
To eventually take us back home
Into the conscious awareness of
Our true nature and oneness with Him/Her
And all life.

Wherever our predestined lifepath may take us,
God and the Angels provide us
With the courage and strength
To walk through it and
Come out the other end,
Happy and smiling,

Safe in the knowledge that painful lives
Are no longer necessary.
Realising the presence of the Universal laws
And how they have always affected
Every one of us and our world,
And that this will forever continue,
Enables us to conduct our lives
Without hurting or harming anyone,
So that, as soon as our last karmic debts
Have been redeemed, by one other than us,
Nothing but the same can return to us
And our world.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius
Updated July 2020

* * *

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9 Jul, 2020
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