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Loaves And Fishes
Loaves And Fishes

Loaves And Fishes


Seeing The Greater Picture – Part Two

Loaves And Fishes

These are the days of miracle and wonder.
This is the long distance call.
Time to stop looking for God and the Angels
To the Heavens above us and discovering
That they are part of us and with us,
Wherever we go,
Observing and guiding every one of us,
At all times.

Paul Simon
Edited by Aquarius

‘God’s laws have always provided for everyone’s true needs and they will forever continue to do so. That’s why, when you have grown strong enough to redeem your sins of the past, it does not send you someone to wave a magic wand to wipe them away, for the simple reason that in this case you would not learn anything from your experiences. God and the Angels inspired the legend of Jesus as the redeemer of humankind to encourage you, during the early stages of your earthly education, to follow the drives and urges of your lower nature. You were allowed to rob and plunder, rape and murder to your heart’s content.

‘This is what young and inexperienced souls in your world are doing to this day, for they know not what they are doing to themselves and that in due course they are going to find themselves at the receiving end of what they are dishing out to others, now. And when it happens, they may not have the faintest idea that it’s the Universal laws who in this way is returning every one of their misdeeds of past lifetimes to teach them the nature of suffering. When they have evolved into wise ones, whenever something unpleasant happens to them, they too will know that it can only do so because of what they once did to others and that this could have taken place many lifetimes ago.

‘Wise ones forgive because they are aware that this alone has the power of dissolving the karmic bonds that their transgressions against the law of love created. And when unpleasant and traumatic events return your misdeeds to you and you have become sufficiently evolved by that time, the law or rather God and the Angels send us to help you endure and work your way through what remains of the painful experiences that the law of Karma may still have to bring you. The time is right for this to happen to those who, when they are reading this and something inside them nudges them and seems to whisper: ‘This is right, you know!’ If, however, it reacts with: ‘What a load of nonsense!’, you are wasting your time here and would better move on to other things. And maybe, just maybe, it will come your way again in a few years’ time and your inner self responds with: ‘Goodness gracious me, this is right after all.’

‘As these are indeed the days of miracles and wonders, for those who are ready freely and willingly co-operate with us and pay attention to the advice they receive intuitively from their inner guidance, a healing miracle is quite a strong possibility. Miracles can be worked for those who create the right conditions by accepting the responsibility for their suffering. Forgiving first themselves and then everyone who was involved in the transgressions of the past is not difficult once you recognise that you yourself are the cause of your suffering. When on top of that the last remnants of your Karma have been cleared away and you have developed a positive and constructive attitude towards your existence in general through understanding the higher purpose and meaning of the difficulties and problems of earthly life, there is no reason why God and the Angels should not bless you with the gift of a miraculous healing.

‘To show your gratitude, there is every likelihood that you will want to share your experiences with as many as possible of those around you, so that – if they so wish –, they can follow your example and try to find healing the way you did. They need to know that miracles require the total surrender of your will and wishes to those of God and the Angels. And that means placing your suffering as well as your whole being into their loving hands, your heart and soul filled with hope and trust that they can and will help as soon as for you the conditions are right.

‘This is how the most traumatic events of your life, your greatest pain, sorrow and sadness in the end can be turned into the greatest joy of discovering that your earthly education is complete. When handled the right way, your suffering can be turned by you into the passport and certificate that is required for leaving behind the obligation of taking part in further earthly lifetimes. Can you imagine your joy when you know that, at the natural end of your present lifetime, you are going to be released into continuing your studies in the greater freedom of our world?

‘To paraphrase the Jesus legend’s St. John 14:12-14: ‘Every one of you will eventually perform the miracles that are said to have been done by me. God and the Angels brought you the story of my life as a depiction of the many initiations that all human beings encounter in the course of the many lifetimes of their earthly education. Hand in hand with and guided and protected by the Highest Forces of life you will eventually be doing similar things to mine. But the best news of all is that at present, whether you are as yet aware of this or not, you are taking part in the finest healing miracle that ever took place in earthly life and that is the healing of your whole world and everything within it, including you.’

‘Feeding the hungry and starving masses with spiritual knowledge means providing them with the living bread of God’s wisdom and truth. Its many ideas are the fishes. Esoterically they represent the creative ideas that are at all times floating in great abundance in the vast ocean of life. If you catch just one of these fishes and share it with, say, fifty thousand people, as with the passing of time you are likely to do – and more, you will be the creator of the same number of fishes for satisfying humankind’s spiritual hunger for the unadulterated truth of God’s sacred knowledge and wisdom, of which the recipient’s inner guidance says that it really is the truth.

‘And that’s by no means the end of it. Every single time a fish of this nature is shared with someone, the supplier as well as its reader are adding to the strength of your world’s God stream of consciousness. Both are actively increasing its ability of absorbing ever more of the stream of darkness and evil into itself and transforming its energies into blessing and healing ones not merely for your planet but the whole of Creation.

* * *

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11 Feb, 2019
Read Time
5 mins
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