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Looking At Life From Both Sides
Looking At Life From Both Sides

Looking At Life From Both Sides


Looking At Life From Both Sides

‘I’ve looked at life from both sides now,
From up and down, and still somehow.
It’s life’s illusions I recall.
I really don’t know life at all.’

Joni Mitchell

I believe that our earthly existence can only be understood when one peers beneath its surface. Everything that ever took place in our world and still does to this day, only begins to make sense when one becomes aware of its spiritual background, humankind’s true eternal home from where all of us once emerged. May the knowledge that the old prophecies really are coming true in unexpected ways assist even the last and slowest one of us to find their way back home into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and their own. I am convinced that our world is not going to perish, because I know that it is written in God’s great plan of life that we ourselves are going to save it.

Although the physical aspect of the Earth is bound to vanish in due course, the same as our physical bodies, our planet’s rich inner heritage, its spirit and soul, will never be destroyed and neither will ours. We ourselves are the world and each one of us is an integral and equally important part of it. We do not inhabit this life on our own and for quite some time by now, humankind has been part of the process of transforming our beautiful planet Earth into one of peace and healing that radiates its blessings throughout the whole of Creation. Hand in hand with our Father/Mother Creator and the Angels and with ever increasing speed we and whole world are changing and becoming ever more spiritualised. The Highest Forces of Creation are constantly adjusting and modifying the vibrations of the Earth and all its material aspects are increasingly filling with light.

Our world is changing so profoundly and in the fullness of time will be such a different place that, if this were happening too suddenly and quickly, none of us would be able to cope at all. The going for a great many at present is tough enough as it is. Whenever world events threaten to overwhelm me, I remind myself that it is a great privilege to be here at this special time of transition from one Age into the next. Therefore, let us not begrudge anything that has to be endured and as joyously as we can each make our contribution towards creating a more peaceful world. It is a great honour to be allowed to take an active part in the building of the New Jerusalem and bringing God’s Eternal Kingdom down to the Earth. So let us not begrudge giving freely and willingly of our best.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth. Now that we have reached it, God’s wisdom and truth are flowing ever more forcefully from the loving heart of the Universe, the Source of all being, into the hearts and souls of those who are open and ready to receive it. And I rejoice that in the new age none of us will ever again be required to believe anything blindly. Naturally, this also applies to my writings. The Bible tells us in John 14:2: ‘In my Father’s house are many rooms [mansions]. If it were not so, I would have told you.’ In the traditional versions of the Scriptures rooms was translated into meaning mansions. However, I prefer the wording of the Lamsa Bible – see the note about it at the end and also my booklist. To me, the word ‘rooms’ comes closer to what the Jesus legend was trying to convey to our world, namely that there are many different levels of existence in our Father/Mother’s house and each one is filled with Its presence, which is love.

The Father’s house is the heart of the whole of Creation and that indeed has many rooms and therefore plenty of space for every spirit and soul and also for all the belief systems our world ever experienced. We alone can decide which one is still the right one for us or whether our spiritual understanding has already grown beyond the perceptions of religious institutions and organisations. It is true that the answers to all our questions are known within. This is because every human heart is an essential and integral part of the great Universal heart, the dwelling place of our Highest or God Self and that is the only place on this Earth where truthful answers can be found.

Only when our inner teacher, our intuition, tells us that something is true and right, should we believe whatever anyone presents to us. We neglect this inner voice to our detriment. Every time you hear, see or read something – including this – listen to the responses that come through the world of your feelings, in particular your heart. Things are only true if this part of you says: ‘Yes, this does make sense. It is true!’ Only then take it on board and allow it to penetrate your inner and outer consciousness.

When you listen to what other people have to say about any given subject, bear in mind that there is no absolute truth, and that everybody’s truth is at least slightly different from any other. Only when your heart murmurs: ‘Yes, this is true!’ then what you have found is part of your truth. Stick to it, no matter what anyone else may say about it, because your inner guidance will never deceive you, lead you astray or let you down.

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13 Feb, 2019
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4 mins
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