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Love and Blushing
Love and Blushing

Love and Blushing


Alexandra quickly went around Jacob and took a silent deep breath. Blushing was so embarrassing.

She put her things at a random desk and turned around. She caught Jacob staring at her. Oh my god...Alexandra thought.

He held the door open for her. She whispered a quick thanks. Alexandra took a quick left, again, bumping into Jacob who was also heading the same direction.

Why does Alexandra always do the stupidest things in front of boys?

"Sorry," they muttered in unison. Jacob chuckled and Alexandra felt her cheeks go warm.

"Sooo..." Jacob started, his muscled arms swaying as he walked. Alexandra looked at him and acknowledged his height. And holy guacamole, he was tall. Much taller that Alexandra's 5 feet 5 frame.

"How's life?" he asked, shrugging his wide shoulders. "Ok...But at least I have art." Alexandra shrugged back.

They walked to recess court. Alexandra raised an eyebrow and commented "Nice shirt."

Jacob looked down at his sky blue shirt. There was a taco with small legs and two arms. The taco was carrying a suitcase. Below it read "Going to work."

Jacob laughed. "My friend gave it to me," he said, tugging at the hem of his shirt. "I don't get it either."

Alexandra waved goodbye and walked to her group of friends.

Well, that was interesting, she commented in her mind.

It was too soon when the bell rang. But art! Alexandra loves art.

She sat at her seat, her books and papers in front of her. Her friend sat on her left and...a boy sat on her right.

Jacob sat on her right.

Jacob again?

Author Notes: Thanks for reading! Place a review and see you around.

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6 Feb, 2019
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1 min
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