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Love and Surprises
Love and Surprises

Love and Surprises

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Jacob scribbled furiously on the paper. Alexandra tried to sit straighter and peer over to what he was doing. Jacob just smirked at shifted position. Alexandra let out an almost indistinctable frustrated huff.

What was he drawing?

Jacob erased, then pounced on his paper once again. Once he was done, he was a storm of color palettes and brushes. Alexandra still didn't know what he was drawing and it was killing her.

She returned to her own drawing. She first colored the skin around the eye. a deep shade of tan. Sunkissed skin. Then the eyelashes. Thin black hairs. Eyebrows as well. Then the pupil and iris. She drew, not really thinking about what she was doing.

When Alexandra finally concentrated as what she actually was coloring, she blushed and almost ripped the paper in two.

Alexandra did an exact replica of Jacob's eye. The intriguing hazel eyes, with bursts of gray and brown and green. The tan skin. The black eyelashes. Even the eyebrow. Alexandra groaned and dropped her paintbrush on the table.

Jacob glanced at her face then her drawing. He smirked at he recongnized it. He followed Alexandra's lead by dropping his paintbrush.

Alexandra's mouth dropped open when she saw what her crush drew.

Author Notes: For H2o, who was longing for this one! ;)
Anyway, cliffhangers, cliffhangers! Anyway, thanks for reading! XD

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9 Mar, 2019
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