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Love of Law Chapter Four
Love of Law Chapter Four

Love of Law Chapter Four

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Storm's POV

I woke up with Lou hugging me while he was on his phone.

"Morning," I told him I as got out of bed to shower.

I then changed into my suit with skin-tight pants and my black heel shoes.

Lou showered an got into his suit.

I had a business meeting with a new client.

Then I drove to work.

"Ms. Akoi," Summer came to me running up as if she was worried, "Um Toko is here," she told e in a low voice, "And Noah," she said lower.

Shit. Double code.

~Three Years Ago~

Noah cam walking into Storm's room.

"Hey," he said a bit nervous, "You remember how we thought we were never cousins?" he continued thankful that his voice was strong.

Storm looked confused. But nodded.

"It's true," he said in a low voice, "And," he said after some silence, "I hoped it was true kinda," he said even lower, "I like you," he stated.

5 minutes passed. "I have since we had our thought on it," he said to her.

Just then Storm's mom came in the room, "Your dad and sister and I are out," she started, "Wanna come?" she asked.

"'m good," Storm said quickly, "Noah could you stay here with me?" she asked.

He nodded his head. "We will be gone then,"

"Am I related to them?" Storm asked as soon as she heard the car pull off.

"No," he said calmly She came to hug him and didn't let go.

Then his lips met hers. Before they knew it, they were tangled up in bed together.

~Prestent Day~

Storms POV

"Tell Tokyo and his Business partner to go to the conference room," I told Summer.

"Of course,"

I then walked into my office where Noah was. "Back from the military?"

I asked starting off the conversation. He stepped closer then kissed me. I enjoyed it. Then I remembered Lou. I didn't stop him though.

He was about to push me into the bathroom but I bit my lip.

"Sorry," he said with a kiss on my head.

"It's fine," I told him after I made sure there was no bleeding.

"So I'm guessing you remember when you were thirteen," he said after some time.

"You mean when you were nineteen," I told him

"Storm it was perfectly legal then," he told me defensively, "And it is still pretty legal when your twenty-two, and I'm twenty-eight," he told me coming closer.

There was a knock on the door. But it was too late. Noah kissed me.

Author Notes: Well, there is the tea!

Do you ship Noah and

Won't be posting often :<

Happy Jail time ::>>>

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13 May, 2020
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2 mins

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