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Love of Law-Chapter One
Love of Law-Chapter One

Love of Law-Chapter One

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Storm's POV

The bed is empty without them.

Like there's not even one.

Like it's just a dream.

If only.

They said I was a workaholic.

It couldn't work.

So they just ended it.

Just. Like. That.

I have more days off.

But, Lou moved on

so did Utah.

Even though they're just


High School relationships might as well be college relationships.

They Never last.

I groaned my way out of bed.

Today was my mom's funeral.

As I brushed my hair, into a high messy bun,

I put on my black long sleeve dress and called Tokyo one last time,

before I give up on him too.

Tokyo's POV

My phone woke me up.

I stretched my hand over, trying not to wake up Daphne

who lay beside me in bed.

It was Storm.

I declined the call.

It didn't matter to me how much she was hurting.

She lost me.

Storm's POV

He didn't answer.

I didn't have time to call back.

I hurried to my BMW and went to the church.

I didn't want to be in the limo.

If I did go in there me and my spoiled sister would fight.

Ah yes family loved.

I waited in the parking lot, eating my breakfast sandwich.

Then quickly did my makeup and popped a mint in my mouth.

Tokyo's POV

I slowly crawled out of bed and into the shower.

I had to be a waiter for a rich people funeral.

As I drove in my Ford truck, I saw Storm's BMW.

Can't be. It's a rich people's funeral everyone has a BMW. I told myself.

Just as the family pulled up to the church, I saw Storm step out.

And join the family.

That's why she was calling.

She wanted me to come.

I saw her glance across the road where I was.

I prayed for her not to see me.

But she did.

But she ignored, me because I erased her out of my life.

So she is doing the same.

Author Notes: So those who won the give away!


They did get the story!

So, my b-day is tomorrow!!

Happy Corn teen!

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22 Apr, 2020
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1 min

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