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Love of Law Chapter Six
Love of Law Chapter Six

Love of Law Chapter Six

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Storm's POV

"Missed me?" he asked with a smirk.

Before I had a chance to answer Noah came downstairs.

He looked more shocked than me.

"What do you want Utah?" Noah asked with a stern voice

"Storm of course," he said pulling me in for a kiss.

I liked it. Honestly I did. But it felt wrong because Noah was there.

I tried to push him away, but my arms wouldn't obey me. Instead they went on his chest and I felt Noah's stares from behind me. I then pushed away.

"I'm guessing you missed me," he said with a smirk.

"What are you wearing?" Noah hissed

"Clothes," I told him sarcastically. "Your shirts are long," I told him

He grinned and kissed me.

"What?" Utah asked.

"Not cousins," Noah told him with a smile

"She's adopted," he continued on

"Coolio," he said as I checked the time on my phone

"Shit I have somewhere to go all day," I told them both as I kissed their cheeks

Bye guys," I told them

When I got to Joshua's house he pulled me inside.

"Sorry," he said, "Not every day I have a cute girl in my house," he said with a smirk.

I felt my cheeks heat up.

"Thanks," I muttered, "Just so you know there are a lot of other guys," I told him," still blushing

"Don't worry I know you'll pick right," he said with a wink as he pulled me closer.

"You have any good food recipes?" he asked still very close

"Y-Yeah," I stuttered.

Not like me, I thought to myself.

"Do you have any premade dough?" I asked him after getting my thoughts together.

He nodded his head in response as I was lead into the kitchen.

I was shocked at his amount of space of the house, and how clean and tidy it was.

"I'm a manager for two other places," he told me as he read my mind.

The deep-dish pizza extra cheesy vegan pizza was ready.

"Does it count as vegan for all the cheese we put into this?" Joshua asked teasingly

"I don't even know anymore," I told him as we laughed and watched Riverdale.

A couple of hours later Josh moved closer.

"If you feel comfortable," he said nervously

I quickly gave him a quick kiss.

"Feel more comfortable doing that," I told him grinning

He then took the pizza slice out of my hand, got on top of me, and kissed me.

He kissed my cheek and fell asleep.

Tokyo's POV

I knocked loudly on Josua's door.

No answer.

Luckily I had keys, so I let myself in.

Only to see him and Storm on the couch sleeping.

With pizza. I woke up Joshua and pulled him into the kitchen.

"What the hell Joshua," I whisper-yelled at him, not wanting to wake up Storm.

"Bro," he said, "You have Daphne, plus she came for me," he said still pretty tired.

Then Storm woke up.

"Joshie," she said rubbing her eyes, "Whose there?" she asked.

Before Joshua could answer I quickly jumped the couch and kissed her.

"Tokyo," she said, "Get the hell out,"

Which is what I did.

Author Notes: So yes ik short today!
Sorrrrry :<
Happy Jailtime!

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18 May, 2020
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2 mins
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