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Love of Law- Chapter Three!!
Love of Law- Chapter Three!!

Love of Law- Chapter Three!!

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Storm's POV

When I got to work my secretary, Summer was waiting for me in my office.

"I heard what happened I need all the tea," she said.

Okay so maybe was my, my best friend secretary.

"If you heard what happened shouldn't you know all the tea?" I said with my weary voice.

I had a bunch of interviews, and meetings and trials to do in one day.

"We will talk about that later," she said, "you have an interview with Lou Gonzalez,"

I was shocked at the name, but it could be a possibility.

"Bring him in," she told her amazed at how strong my voice sounded.

She gave me his resume, and his grades in law school, college, and high school.

"Storm?" she said when he got in.

play dumb. I told myself.

"Who's that?" I said.


"Sorry about that," I told Lou, "Good to see you again," I told him as my voice almost crackled.

"Stop with the bull shit," he told me as he pulled me in for a kiss.

~The next day~

I woke up wit Lou next to me snoring. I hated him for looking so good in bed. Then he woke up, "Hey," he said as he crawled on top of me, "So am I hired?" he asked as he hugged me.

"Yes dumbo," I told him sarcastically.

"What about us?" he asked out of the blue

"I just don't want to rush anything," I told him

"That's fine," he finally said, "I just wish you would've said that to me last night," he told me with a kiss.

"Let's just keep it low," I told him, as he pulled me on top of him. I kissed him. And I didn't Stop.

Tokyo's POV

I went back to Daphne's and I place to grab a quick bite before I had to go to another funeral to serve. "Hey babe," Daphne said as she loosened her robe a bit, "How much time do you have?" she asked me.

"Barely anytime," he said as I pecked her cheek, "We've talked about this," said as I bit my sandwich.

"For me," she said as she gave puppy dog eyes.

Only cause I think of you as Storm. I thought to my self as I took off my shirt and lifted her into the master bedroom.

I woke up.

An hour passed by. I had time to serve but I didn't make it for preparations.

I rolled out of bed, got my clothes back on, and headed out.

"Sorry I'm late," I told Joshua, my best friend, "You better be glad were friends or you ould have been fired," he told me. he was pissed. but that's fine.

"WE got the new lawyer by the way," he told me as he put food on the tray for me to carry, "I think the name of the company is Storm & Co. you know with that lightning symbol," he said.

"Oh pftt yeah that place," I said, "and the owner may or may not be my ex?" I told him quietly.

"Dude you dated everyone," he told me amazed.

Author Notes: Hai guys!
My day is good, how is yours?!
Dun Dun, I need those questions for Q&A

The topic could range from video games, asmr and my stories and other things!!

When I post the Q&A it would be on my advanced bio!
Happy Jail Time!

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29 Apr, 2020
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2 mins

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