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Love – The Greatest Healer Of All
Love – The Greatest Healer Of All

Love – The Greatest Healer Of All


Love is the law and the nature of the Universe. It is humankind’s true nature too. It is a force that is stronger than the best quality steel could ever be. Steel belongs to the Earth plane, but love is of the highest levels of life, known to us as God. Steel has to decay like all earthly things. It rusts and deteriorates and its molecular components are eventually returned to the Earth, the same as anything else that consists of matter.

Love, however, is of God and therefore eternal and immortal. It has the power to survive and conquer all obstacles that may ever get in our way. If two people are tied together by difficult Karma, once they have dealt with it by resolving the outstanding issues between them, they are ready to form a loving relationship that will last forever. This does away with the need for grappling any of our friends to our souls with hoops of steel, the way an old saying advises us to do.

My experience of long-standing relationships has shown that is irrelevant whether two people are married to each other or not. Unless both partners make a genuine effort at remaining interested in each other, their union is bound to become increasingly stale, like a loaf of old bread, or as tasteless as a glass of wine or beer that has been standing too long. Even the best wine turns to vinegar when it is left unattended in the glass for long enough.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that so many marriages these days are winding up in the divorce courts, even after thirty or forty years. Any marriage that has lost its spark so much that discoveries can no longer be made together, gets to be like an outworn pair of slippers that is waiting to be discarded. When the slippers have become so trodden down that they are increasingly uncomfortable to wear, the only way of sensibly recycling them is by putting them into the bin. And if one wishes to continue to enjoy the comfort of wearing slippers, the time has come to look out for a suitable new pair.

Everything is not lost if there is at least a degree of love and respect for each other left in our hearts and souls. Love is the greatest healer of all – it can heal anything, especially relationships. Not for nothing is Libra the sign of marriage and partnerships. During each lifetime spent in this sign, ruled by Venus, human souls can acquire the gifts they need for healing any kind of relationship. Libra being an Air sign, they start with intelligence, in particular when applied to relationships of all kinds. It grows into an ever more potent tool when it comes together with the Venusian gifts of tact and diplomacy; a strong sense of justice and fairness; an ability to perceive all sides of any situation, relationship and argument; being capable of saying the right words at the right time and so pouring oil onto troubled waters. A love of good manners, a winning smile and affectionate nature are also part of Libra’s essential equipment for learning to cope with life on the physical plane and its most difficult aspect: human relationships.

Love is the greatest power in the whole of Creation. It generates bonds that bind eternally and the same time give complete freedom. When applied to any situation, especially in relationships, a loving approach never fails to win through. No matter how difficult a problem we may have to face, be it doubts, fears and anxieties, sickness and disability, and especially when death draws near, the key to the greater freedom of the spirit world and to Heaven itself is the human heart’s love for its Creator. God source alone can provide any of us with the ideal love we have searched for, ever since our first emergence from the state of oneness in the heartmind of God.

This alone is the love that stays with us forever, that never betrays us or cheats and lies, the way human lovers are frequently temped to do. Like no other, this love unerringly stands by us, it guides and protects us wherever our evolutionary pathway may take us. This is the love we yearn to find in our human connections. Yet, ultimately it has to elude us in every earthly encounter, as it can only be found in our loving reunion with God. When at long last this love is found, the human heart is like a rose that turns its face to the blessing and healing power of God’s great light. Every soul that receives it expands in wisdom and understanding, and without needing words it knows the meaning of truth.

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3 Nov, 2019
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